Katie Maloney Reacts After Raquel Leviss Shares Photo with Tom Schwartz: ‘Nobody Sad’

A lifelong lover of TomTom! Tom Schwartz and Raquel Leviss stayed friends for months after their relationship ended.

On Saturday, February 18, Leviss, 28, and Schwartz, 40, posted amusing pictures of themselves outside of their eatery, Schwartz & Sandy’s Lounge, on Instagram with the caption “Just cause.”

The Minnesota native made a peace sign while the two Vanderpump Rules stars posed for the camera in the candid photo.

The couple seemed to enjoy themselves at the restaurant, which Schwartz and Tom Sandoval run, but Katie Maloney, his ex-wife, had a telling response to the night out.

The 38-year-old Utah native, who finalized her divorce from Schwartz last year, responded in the Instagram comments section to people who called Leviss “messy” and “petty” for her original post, saying, “You truly thought you accomplished something here but these comments ATE LOLOL.”

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Katie Maloney Reacts After Raquel Leviss Shares Photo With Tom Schwartz: ‘Nobody Sad’

No one was sad, Maloney stated in a subsequent statement. I couldn’t ignore the image after it appeared in my inbox so many times. Desperado.”

Schwartz and the former pageant queen had a fling at Scheana Shay and Brock Davies’ wedding, according to a report from Us Weekly from August 2022. But, the affair had strained relations between Leviss and Maloney, who had broken off her engagement to the co-founder of TomTom in March of the previous year.

In October 2022, a source exclusively told Us, “Raquel and Katie are on the outs.” Katie has cut all ties with Raquel, particularly since the hookup.

The two Bravolebrities’ feud hasn’t changed in under a year.

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Katie Maloney Reacts After Raquel Leviss Shares Photo With Tom Schwartz: ‘Nobody Sad’

“Nowhere. About where the two women are standing, Maloney exclusively revealed to Us earlier this month that she is far away. Our friendship is likely one of those things that was just not meant to be.

Leviss also provided Us with details about her side of the conflict after she broke off her engagement to James Kennedy in December 2021.

The Californian told Us on February 7 at the Vanderpump Rules season 10 premiere party, “We’re not in the nicest situation. I ran into her on Sunday and decided to be the bigger person and at least break the ice by going over there and saying hello.

I’m sure if you question her, you could get her perspective. And it felt like a “death gaze” that penetrated my own soul. So, I said, “OK, I feel like I just need to just back off and give you some room.” It’s obvious that I genuinely harmed her, despite my best efforts to avoid doing so.


Leviss, who admitted she only had sex with Schwartz, went on to say that she is currently “navigating single life.” “[I] considered Schwartz to be a cool person to pursue something with. So while it stinks that it didn’t work out, she told Us, “It is what it is.

Leviss doesn’t seem disturbed by the former Miss Sonoma County and Schwartz’s reunion on Saturday, however, Maloney couldn’t help but make fun of it.

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On Sunday, February 19, an unidentified statement appeared on her Instagram Story. “Stop damaging your mental health over people and things that you have no control over,” the anonymous quote stated. “Let’s go on,” I said.