Katie Maloney Weight Loss: Here Is the Real Reason, Why Katie Maloney Lost Weight?

Vanderpump Rules, a smashing success on Bravo, has always featured a lot of action. Fans had to wait for the return of Vanderpump Rules while major life events, such as Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor’s first child, and the departure of key cast members occurred. Katie Maloney’s 2019 marriage to Tom Schwartz and subsequent openness about her life since then have captivated her many fans.

Katie Maloney’s weight loss has been noted by her fans, and the actress has been opening up about her transformation. What you are about to read will shock you about Katie Maloney’s recent weight loss.

Why Did Katie Maloney Lose Weight?

Katie Maloney’s fans know they can count on her for an open and honest discussion of anything, from her ideal podcast guest to the challenges she has faced. In addition, she has been forthright about her efforts to shed weight.

According to People, Katie Maloney has been working with a nutritionist who has told her that, in order to lose weight, she must eat a certain way because of the way her metabolism processes food.


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Katie said, “Now I just have a great understanding of nutrition and what kinds of food I should and shouldn’t be eating,” indicating that she now feels good and confident about the food she eats.

Although Katie’s initial diagnosis of a thyroid condition was incorrect, she is relieved that she has started taking better care of herself because “My glucose levels were pretty high, and that could’ve led to some maybe pre-diabetic problems.”

Katie reportedly encouraged her followers to “Love themselves” and use more positive language when discussing themselves on her Instagram account, which has since been deleted.

Katie Maloney reportedly discussed her new diet on Bravo TV after shedding 25 pounds.

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Katie’s dinners typically consist of chicken and green beans or broccoli, or “something just nice and easy on the side,” as she put it.

According to Katie, The Kardashians love the salads at Health Nut, so that’s where they usually order their lunchtime salads to go. Described by Katie as “Massive giant protein salads with roasted chicken, sunflower seeds, cucumbers, carrots, lettuce, and tomatoes and this really nice house dressing they put on it,” the dish features a variety of healthy ingredients as well as a generous helping of vegetables.

Katie added that when she is craving a snack, she enjoys munching on nut butter, nuts, and fruit. Tom makes Katie breakfast every morning and he recently said,

I usually prepare an omelette for her using only egg whites, avocado, feta cheese, and a dash of hot sauce.

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Katie Maloney Started a Podcast and Speaks Honestly About Many Topics

The “You’re Gonna Love Me” podcast that Katie Maloney hosts are sure to be a hit with Vanderpump Rules viewers.

Katie recently expressed her enthusiasm for having guests on her podcast, Entertainment Tonight.

Katie said, “I think it’s really fascinating if we would know them a little more deeply on a personal level, even if it’s just little details of their favourite memories from childhood, or what they were like in high school.


katie maloney weight loss

I aimed for this to be as close as possible to an authentic human experience, so I encouraged you to go deeper, widen your perspective, and suspend judgement. I enjoy stimulating conversation because it forces me to think critically and broadens my perspective.

Vanderpump Rules viewers know that Katie will always be forthright about her experiences, good and bad. According to reports, Katie was in a terrible accident that left her with a brain injury, a broken jaw, and other broken bones after she fell through a skylight. Unfortunately, Katie and Tom’s inability to conceive is a direct result of the accident.

Katie Maloney had an abortion ten years ago because, as she explained on the podcast “Reality Life with Kate Casey,” she and Tom were not ready to become parents.

Katie said it was challenging to get back to normal after the accident: “The brain is very complicated…very it’s hard to understand how it works, and how trauma to the brain impacts…mood, personality, and emotions.” Therefore, I am still learning about and adjusting to this.