Morgan Evans Responds to Kelsea Ballerini’s Divorce EP: ‘There Are Two Sides to Every Story’

On Wednesday’s edition of Call Her Daddy, after the publication of her candid new Album Rolling Up the Welcome Mat, Ballerini is anticipated to share more about her divorce.

In response to Kelsea Ballerini’s public comments on their divorce, Morgan Evans has spoken up.

The “Young Again” singer seemed to address Ballerini’s impending Call Her Daddy podcast episode on Tuesday, in which she’s anticipated to divulge fresh information on their breakup.

Morgan Evans Is Extremely Sad About Topic Being Public

Kelsea Ballerini’s Ex-Husband Morgan Evans Says Her Version of Their Marriage Is ‘Not Reality’ After She Releases Divorce EP

The 37-year-old Evans expressed her sadness on Instagram, writing, “It’s incredibly painful for me to watch this person, who I spent so much of my life with, and who I loved with all my heart, stating things that aren’t fact and that leave out what truly occurred.”

“She is aware that I’m not the kind of man to discuss those topics in public. I hope it works if this is what she needs to heal “Said he. “All I ask is that you not be rude while you are on my sites. Be kind to one another and don’t be nasty to Kelsea.”

The last line of his essay read, “Life’s too brief.”


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Evans made his comment a few hours after PEOPLE posted a portion of Ballerini’s Call Her Daddy interview, which airs on Wednesday and in which she discussed the events that precipitated her breakup with Evans.

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Ballerini Admitted that Her Relationship with Evans “Took Work for A Long Time”

Kelsea Ballerini’s Ex-Husband Morgan Evans Says Her Version of Their Marriage Is ‘Not Reality’ After She Releases Divorce EP

The 29-year-old Ballerini admitted that her relationship with Evans “took work for a long time” and recalled the occasions when she slept on the couch.

“Separations occurred, and years were spent in couples counseling. Several nights were spent sleeping on the couch “She spoke. It wasn’t the first night, but I remember thinking, “This is not what I want.

I remember going to practice at the arena and messaging him, saying, “I’ll just see you on the carpet,” the night before the CMA Awards, she added.

Ballerini stated to Cooper that her marriage was characterized by “such a sense of separation” and that she and Evans, who got married in 2017, sometimes went for extended periods of time without seeing each other.

“We hadn’t seen one other since we didn’t make an attempt to do so. Every time we did see each other, I felt like I was carrying that burden and I was fatigued, which made me bitter “She spoke. I was really sick of consistently presenting myself in that manner and not feeling noticed or matched.

Ballerini expressed her disagreement with a ballad Cooper published that suggested he was taken aback by the breakdown of his marriage. She also agreed with Cooper that their divorce did actually become “nasty” in the episode teaser.

She published a devastating EP and companion short film titled Rolling Up the Welcoming Mat earlier this month in which she detailed the dissolution of her marriage.

After nearly five years of marriage, the “I Quit Drinking” singer filed for divorce from Evans in August. Their divorce was eventually completed in November.

The Outer Banks actor Chase Stokes, who previously told PEOPLE that he and the country singer “had simply been spending some time together,” has since been associated with her.

“Kelsea is a very nice young lady. She’s fantastic, “said he. “We’re enjoying ourselves,”

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Evans Found It Tough to Move On

On a visit to the Bobby Bones Show, Evans talked openly about the experience of moving on.

Evans spoke to the unfavorable remarks made about him on social media following the breakup and added, “That was extremely terrible. “Just you, your feelings, and what you do are under your control. I’ll always be happy that I have wonderful individuals in my life to serve as constant reminders of this and to keep me grounded in this manner.”

He also spoke about creating “Over for You,” a candid ballad with poignant lyrics like “How many times did you say you loved me/When it wasn’t true?” It assisted him in processing his feelings following his well-publicized breakup.

Evans remarked, “It felt nice to accomplish that. Just be straightforward and don’t attempt to hide anything.

He said, “Having been in that scenario, knowing that it helps other people in that situation, yeah, it’s really a major deal,” adding that he thought “vulnerability and personal writing is truly the thing that most generally resonates to people.”