Kevin Durant Condemns “Cruel” Ashy Ankle Comments Following Viral Twitter Image!

After a picture of Kevin Durant’s ashy ankles went viral, the basketball player responded angrily to the online trolls who had made fun of his complexion.

Internet trolls have recently picked on one of the highest-paid basketball players in the world.

While Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets has played in more than 900 NBA games, some fans were more concerned with how he looked on Monday night.

Kevin Durant Gets Roasted for Ashy Ankles

After Monday night’s game between the Brooklyn Nets and Cleveland Cavaliers, Kevin Durant’s dry skin became a topic of conversation online.

After a picture of the basketball player’s ashy ankles was released to the SLAM Kicks Twitter account, many people made fun of him for it.

One tweeter commented on how “ashy” Kevin Durant’s ankles looked, implying that they hurt.

Isaiah Thomas of the New Orleans Pelicans added his two cents: “No way KD can be that Ashy!!!!!!!! Can’t even. OMG.”

Some individuals expressed real concern for Kevin’s skin condition and condemned the internet trolls and memes who made fun of him.

Kevin Durant is getting criticized for letting his complexion become dry and ashy. Given his high income, it seems unlikely that this man neglects his personal hygiene. But, hey, what if it’s a medical issue?! “Just musing out loud,” another user of the social networking site Twitter added.

The person who said this also said, “All the jokes about Kevin Durant’s dry ankles are informing all the folks you know with skin issues just how funny you think they are.”

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Kevin Durant Slams Trolls

Kevin Durant Condemns "Cruel" Ashy Ankle Comments Following Viral Twitter Image!

After hundreds of people made fun of his skin color during Monday night’s game, Kevin responded on Twitter.

In a moment, I’m going to play the “y’all broke” card on you. He tweeted, “F*** y’all.” The NBA player plays for the Brooklyn Nets.

His diehard followers have come to his defense, claiming that his skin tone could be the result of a medical ailment or the high intensity of his basketball career.

After 15 years and over 900 games played, Kevin should be considered an experienced player.

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Draymond Green Reacts to Viral Picture

Kevin Durant Condemns "Cruel" Ashy Ankle Comments Following Viral Twitter Image!

Draymond Green, of the Golden State Warriors, was another NBA player to comment on the picture.

In the name of Jesus Christ, K. Bam forwarded the photo to me, stating, “There is no way K is this ashy.” After which, I uttered the phrase, “What the f?” Bam emailed me a link, and I followed it. You couldn’t call that ash. What he just said was “f*g scales,” which means it was completely ridiculous.

I haven’t talked to Kevin yet,” Draymond Green went on to say. I plan on giving him a call later today to hear his thoughts. I expect him to say something like, “F*** y’all. Your concern for my ankles is unwarranted. I can predict what he will say before I ask.

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