How Did Kevin James Achieve His Impressive Weight Loss?

Kevin George Knipfing, best known by his stage name Kevin James, was born in the United States on April 26, 1965. The King of Queens (1998–2007), for which he was nominated in 2006 for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series, is where he is most known for playing Doug Heffernan. For his part in the comedy series, Kevin Can Wait (2016–2018), he was also a nominee for a People’s Choice Award in 2017.

Kevin James’ Weight Loss Journey

Among his admirers and followers, the well-known actor has always been viewed as a fantastic person. The most intriguing fact about James, who weighed about 150 pounds in high school, is that he was motivated to pursue a career in sports. Unfortunately, he suffered an injury and was forced to change his career.

Many people are familiar with Kevin James thanks to the long-running television series The King of Queens. He gained weight while filming the television series and his enormous bulk was rather dominant during the show.

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So, When Did Kevin James Start Losing Weight?

kevin james weight loss

In ‘Here Comes the Boom‘, Kevin James plays an instructor who attempts mixed martial arts (MMA fighting). With the assistance of his MMA coach, Ryan Parsons, James underwent intensive training to reduce around 80 pounds in preparation for the role.

David put on the most weight while filming the television series The King of Queens, but he soon began to lose it. At some point in his life, he began following a low-carb diet and adding daily runs of four to five kilometers. He started off losing 50 pounds because of his dedication. Unfortunately, he failed to maintain his new weight-loss strategy and reverted to his old routines.

How did Kevin James put on weight, then? He gained back the weight he had been losing for years as a result of the error, putting him back to his 300-pound starting weight. After stepping on a scale and realizing that things were getting worse, Kevin James made the decision to restart his weight loss program. In the following few months, he was able to lose nearly 40 pounds thanks to this choice.

Kevin James’s Weight Loss Diet

kevin james weight loss

What kind of diet did Kevin James follow to shed a substantial amount of weight? Even though he has experienced multiple setbacks, his diet was crucial to his success in losing weight. He followed a well-planned diet that consisted of as many veggies as he could consume.

Every meal, Kevin James made care to include a serving of veggies on his plate. Additionally, he consumed green smoothies, a concoction of kale, and other vegetables. His body was able to get all the nutrients it required from the meal without the addition of extra fat or calories.

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Kevin James Before and After

In 'Here Comes the Boom', Kevin James plays an instructor who attempts mixed martial arts (MMA fighting). With the assistance of his MMA coach, Ryan Parsons, James underwent intensive training to reduce around 80 pounds in preparation for the role.

During his weight-loss journey, Kevin has fluctuated between losing and gaining weight. He’s currently 56 years old and about 235 pounds. He continued to weigh more than 100 pounds during his time in high school. For his wife Steffiana de la Cruz and their three children, Kevin James decided to lose weight. Although he has had difficulty maintaining his weight, most people think he currently looks fantastic.