Kevin Samuels Controversy Statement- Aggressive Dating Kevin Samuels, a YouTuber, Died at The Age of 56!!

kevin samuels controversy statement

Kevin Samuels, a controversial YouTuber, was taken to the hospital late Thursday night after being discovered comatose in his residence after complaining of chest problems.
Officers responded to a complaint on Thursday “about a person hurt” and found Samuels motionless on the floor of his residence, according to the Atlanta Police Department.

Samuels had complained of chest problems and had fallen on top of her, according to a woman who was living with him in his apartment. On Thursday, he was brought to the emergency hospital.

On Friday, reports that Samuels had died began to circulate on social media, and Samuels’ mother, Beverly Samuels-Burch, confirmed his death to NBC News. The Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office, on the other hand, told Newsweek that they couldn’t confirm or refute that information at this time.

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Aggressive Dating Kevin Samuels, a YouTuber, Died at The Age of 56 After Experiencing Chest Trouble While Staying with A Woman

Controversial Kevin Samuels, a YouTuber, died at the age of 56, according to his mother. While staying with a woman, Samuels complained of chest trouble and collapsed, according to Atlanta police. Samuels was a dating and lifestyle blogger who had been accused of making misogynistic comments.

Kevin Samuels, a popular YouTuber who stirred controversy for his self-proclaimed relationship expertise and misogynistic rants, died on Thursday, according to his mother, according to NBC News.

According to an incident report filed by the Atlanta Police Department, Samuels, 56, was staying with a woman when he began to experience chest problems. According to the incident report, the woman claimed he then fell on top of her and she dialed 911.

According to Authorities, Cpr Was Attempted at The Site, but Samuels Remained Unresponsive

Samuels’ mother informed NBC News that she found out about her son’s death on social media late Thursday night.

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“Putting that out on social media was a bad thing to do. I was completely unaware. I hadn’t even received notification, “she stated “All I’m asking is for folks to pray for us.” Samuels’ death was not confirmed by Atlanta police or the Atlanta medical examiner.

Kevin Samuels Controversial Statement

Samuels advertised himself as an “image consultant” on YouTube, with videos like “Do Modern Women Have To Share Men?” and “Women Should Let Men Use Them.” According to The Root, he established a 1.4 million-subscriber following on the platform but received controversy for statements regarding women, including one in which he said that unmarried women over 35 were “leftovers” who men would know “had a problem.”

According to The Grio, he also counseled “contemporary Black women” to pursue “high value” males and to correlate women’s worth and attractiveness to their weight. Samuels also made videos in which he rated women using numbers. According to The Root, critics claimed he perpetuated prejudices and discrimination that Black women endure when dating.

Samuels “made a profession out of blatantly disgracing Black women for profit,” according to journalist Ernest Owens. “He empowered the most toxic people to promote stale and damaging narratives about Black women,” he stated.

“Modern Women Are A Party of One,” Samuels’ most recent upload, a two-hour webcast on Wednesday, was titled. Fans have been mourning the YouTuber and thanking him for his “pragmatic” counsel in the video’s comments area.

Samuels started his YouTube account in the spring of 2015. Over 290 million people have watched all of the videos. Samuels was also well-known on social media, with 1.2 million followers and over 280,000 likes on Instagram and Facebook, respectively.

When Did He Pass Away?

Kevin Samuels controversal statement

Samuels’ death was first widely reported on Twitter, but the lack of formal confirmation left many people perplexed. Beverly Samuels-Burch, Samuels’ mother, has since verified his death to NBC News after learning of his death on social media. “That was a bad thing for social media to put out,” she remarked. I was completely unaware. I hadn’t been alerted at all. “All I’m asking is for folks to pray for us.”

Officers were dispatched to an apartment on Thursday morning (5 May) for a “person hurt,” according to the Atlanta Police Department. Officers arrived at the location to find first responders doing CPR on an unresponsive male later identified as Samuels.

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Kevin Samuels  Controversial statement

Samuels was transferred to Piedmont Hospital, according to police, and an autopsy was performed, according to the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Officer, but the reason and manner of Samuels’ death are still unknown. Samuels’ age was recorded as 53 by the office, although other sources said he was 56.

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