Who Is Kevin Samuels Dating?-Samuels, One of The Most Influential Dating Guru in The United State!!

kevin samuels dating

He is an Atlanta, Georgia-based American Youtuber, Image Consultant, Dating Expert, Life Coach, and Social Media Influencer. He is well-known as a motivational speaker who assists individuals and businesses in getting back on track. He is also a very fashionable man who prefers to dress in crisp suits. Continue reading this post if you want to learn more about Kevin Samuels’s Wiki, Age, Height, Lifestyle, and Personal Life.

Kevin Pyro was a well-known and successful Youtuber, Life Coach, Dating Expert, and Social Media Influencer. He gained popularity by commenting on and counseling individuals, particularly black women. This news has come as a huge shock to everyone, therefore people are instantly interested in learning more about Kevin Pyro’s personal life.

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He was recently in the news since she died on May 5, 2022, at the age of 56. The cause of his death was unknown. People are startled and saddened, and they share his photos on social media.

The First Marriage of Kevin Samuel

In a VLAD-TV interview, Samuels revealed that he has been married twice. For a year, he married his high school girlfriend. In an unknown year, Samuels married his first wife. The couple had one child, whose name has not been revealed.”Being married in the first place wasn’t a wise idea,” Samuels explained. He remarked, “We were high school sweethearts.” Any relationship has its highs and lows.”As friends, we were better than as a couple.” Inside, there was a lot more going on.”Our friendship was amazing.” We’ve known each other since fourth grade.”

Second Marriage of Kevin Samuel

Samuels then revealed that six to seven years later, he remarried. He stated that the couple did not have any children. According to the influencer, the three-year marriage ended due to “irreconcilable issues.”He joked, “There’s nothing juicy to say about it.” When people marry, they have no intention of getting divorced.” Samuels remarked that he does not “resent” his ex-wives for divorcing. He stated, “I don’t say anything negative about them because there’s no reason.” “All the best to everyone.”

Samuels hasn’t ruled out marrying for the third time.

Kevin Samuels net worth

“I don’t think anyone wants to be truly alone in this life,” he said. We simply don’t know how to do it.”

YouTube Celebrity and ‘dating Expert’ Kevin Samuels Died at The Age of 57 Due to ‘chest Discomfort’

Kevin Samuels, a YouTuber and ‘dating guru,’ died at the age of 57 after suffering from ‘chest pains,’ according to sources.

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A 911 caller – later identified as Ortensia Alcantara, 32 – reported a ‘person hurt’ at the Residence Buckhead Atlanta, an upmarket apartment complex.

An EMS technician was seen ‘doing CPR on a black male who was unresponsive on the floor of his apartment when Atlanta Police Officer Joel Figuereo arrived at the scene. Samuels was later recognized by Alcantara as the male. Alcantara, a nurse, said she met Samuels the night before and spent the night with him.’

Samuels apparently began feeling chest problems early in the morning, and she ‘attempted to help him… but he fell on top of her.’She asked the front desk for a defibrillator to ‘keep Mr. Samuels responsive until [EMS] came.’ He was taken to Piedmont Hospital, where he passed away. Beverly Samuels-Burch, Samuels’ mother, told NBC News that she found out her son had died after viewing it on social media. ‘Putting that out on social media was a bad thing to do. ‘I had no idea,’ she admitted to NBC News on Friday.

‘I hadn’t even received notification.’ ‘All I’m asking is for people to pray for us.’ She refused to provide any other information about her son’s death. Samuels was best known for his controversial dating advice, with 1.42 million YouTube subscribers and nearly as many Instagram followers. He recently got backlash for referring to unmarried women over 35 as “leftovers” and implying that “something was wrong” with them.

In a video released last week, he stated that the Chinese government “previously categorized women over 27 who are single” as “leftovers,” with 35 serving as the American “equivalent.”

Kevin Samuels, What Is His Real Name?

Dear Everyone Kevin Samuels’ real name is Kevin Roshon Samuels, as far as we know. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on March 13, 1965. She is a 56-year-old woman. So this page contains all of Kevin Samuels’ wiki, bio, and lifestyle information.

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 Kevin Samuels dating

Those who are familiar with Kevin Samuels’ family details should read this post, and we have provided Kevin Samuels’ wiki, biography, achievements, awards, boyfriend, and other facts below.

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