American Actor Kevin Sorbo Controversy with Starbucks? In a Coffee Shop, Not Putting on a Mass

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Kevin David Sorbo (born September 24, 1958) is an American actor. He played the roles of Hercules in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Captain Dylan Hunt in Andromeda, both of which were lead parts. Let There Be Light and God’s Not Dead are two of Sorbo’s other notable Christian drama roles.

Adolescence and Schooling

On September 24, 1958, Sorbo was born in Mound, Minnesota. He is descended from Norwegians. He was reared in a Lutheran household. Sorbo attended Minnesota State University Moorhead, where he double majored in marketing and advertising. To help pay for school, he started to work as a model for print and television advertisements.

kevin sorbo controversy

Kevin Sorbo’s Wife

Sandra Lynn “Sam” Sorbo, better known as Sam Sorbo, is the wife of actor Kevin Sorbo. Happy family life has been enjoyed by the couple for over two decades.

kevin sorbo controversy

She made her acting debut in 1987, as Georgette in Napoleon and Josephine: A Love Story, and has since appeared in several more films and television shows.

For her appearances in films like The Bonfire of the Vanities (1990), Twenty Bucks (1993), Ed and His Dead Mother (1997), Fortunes of War (1994), Storm Rider (2013), Alongside Night (2014), as well as Let There Be Light (2017), she is well recognized (2017). Aside from SeaQuest DSV, Chicago Hope, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Tatort, and Avenging Angel, Sam is also well-known for her work on television (2007).

She’s also a writer and a radio personality. She has a syndicated radio show called The Sam Sorbo Show. Additionally, she has written a book called They’re Your Kids.

In 1964, Sam was born on the 18th of October. A biomedical engineer by training, she dropped out of Duke University to pursue a career in modeling and acting after one year.

Her non-profit organization, A World Fit for Kids!, likewise has a spokesperson and chair.

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Family and Children are Important to me.

During Sam’s guest appearance on “Prince Hercules” in season 3 episode 8, the pair met on the Hercules set in 1996. Because of their initial chemistry, the two fell in love. On January 5, 1998, Sorbo and Sam tied the knot after dating for some time.

kevin sorbo controversy

Sorbo and his wife of 23 years have three children. Braeden Cooper, the couple’s first child, was born in 2001. In 2004, Sam gave birth to Shane Haaken, their second child. Octavia Flynn Sorbo was born in 2005 to the couple.

Their whole brood is educated at home. Sam is an advocate for homeschooling and has authored a book on her family’s experience with homeschooling titled They’re Your Kids.  On social media, Sorbo has been sharing snippets of his personal life.

On Instagram, he has posted several photos of his family, including ones from dinners, vacations, and hikes.  With their two young children, Sorbo and his wife presently reside in Florida. Both mansions in New York and Nevada were also awarded to them.

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As a Result of Kevin Sorbo’s Claim that He Had a Meltdown at a Starbucks While Wearing Masks, There was a Wave of Mockery and Ridicule.

Kevin Sorbo says he recently caused “a scene in public” by refusing to put on a mask at a coffee house. It’s unclear whether this occurred, but Sorbo did make another commotion… on Twitter, at least.

He claimed on Tuesday that he was ordered to wear a mask by Starbucks employees in Los Angeles on a recent visit, but did not give any photographic or video proof of the incident. That’s because the number of COVID-19 cases in Los Angeles County has lately increased, prompting the county to impose new indoor mask requirements.

The “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys” actor revealed what occurred next. First time I’ve ever created a scene in public and I’m not proud of it. They instructed me to put on a mask when I entered Starbucks. My outburst of disbelief was audible. As I went away, I turned back and did the same. You’re probably thinking… It was my first mistake to enter a Starbucks.”

The punch line leads us to believe that this is a joke. According to a recent poll conducted by the Pew Research Center, Starbucks is the subject of insults and more than one clear fake aimed to enrage conservatives. The rebellion of January 6 was a false flag meant to put Trump in the spotlight, according to Sorbo, a fervent backer of Trump and proponent of the illogical conspiracy theory.

There’s no telling whether Sorbo merely snuck the Starbucks slur into an otherwise level anecdote about being unnecessarily harsh to minimum wage earners, or if the whole sentence was meant to be taken seriously.

Whether it was a joke or not, many people took Sorbo’s jokes seriously and roasted him mercilessly. Act like a big guy by wearing your mask instead of shouting at your coworkers, @ksorbs, according to “Law & Order: SVU” creator Warren Leight.

This is what showrunner Brian Koppelman of “Billions” told the cast and crew: Put on a mask and sip on a Frappuccino or anything. Mask up, squirmy tyke. simple.”Scott Wampler, a podcast presenter, also referred to Sorbo as “Karen Hercules” for his rant.

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