Kieffer Delp a Former Cast Member of “Teen Mom 2” Was Arrested on Suspicion of Theft!

Keiffer Delp, a previous sweetheart of the Teen Mom 2 alum, was apprehended earlier this month in Pennsylvania. The 32-year-old was apprehended in Allegheny County on Saturday, June 11, according to court documents that In Touch received.

His criminal conspiracy accusation was ultimately dismissed, but he was first charged with one count of petty stealing. Although the reason for the arrest is not yet known, this is not Keiffer’s first run-in with the authorities.

Early on In the Mtv Series Run Jenelle Dated Kieffer

He changed from being a regular on the show to a felon who eventually admitted to running a meth lab during the couple’s two years of on-and-off dating.

Over the past ten years, Keiffer has been detained on suspicion of possessing drugs and paraphernalia as well as violence and other offenses.

He had multiple run-ins with the law following the previous breakup of the on-again, off-again partnership, including being arrested for running a methamphetamine lab.

Kieffer Delp a Former Cast Member of "Teen Mom 2" Was Arrested on Suspicion of Theft!

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Rap Sheet

Delp was detained and accused of running a methamphetamine lab, possessing the drug with the intent to supply, it, and endangering the public in January 2018.

He consented to a sentence of 18 to 36 months in state prison and three years of probation. However, he was detained in February 2020 on an outstanding warrant for skipping bail in New Jersey just six days after serving his entire term.

After he visited Salem, New Jersey, his hometown, police allegedly took him up. After paying bond, he was granted release from custody. Exclusive information from The Sun indicated Kieffer was detained once more in October 2020 for a parole infraction related to the 2018 meth lab investigation.

The State of Pennsylvania designated him as an absconder, a fugitive who flees and conceals in order to avoid being apprehended or prosecuted. Delp allegedly ceased reporting to his parole officer after receiving the label. He was transported to a prison in Pennsylvania before being freed in March.

Jenelle’s Time in Jail

Jenelle, meantime, is also accustomed to wearing shackles. In April 2013, the celebrity and her ex-husband Courtland Rogers were both allegedly found in possession of heroin. The accusations against Jenelle were later withdrawn, though.

Kieffer Delp a Former Cast Member of "Teen Mom 2" Was Arrested on Suspicion of Theft!

After a string of controversies involving herself and her husband David Eason, 33, including the shooting of their dog Nugget, the 30-year-old was sacked from Teen Mom 2 in 2019. He said that Nugget bit their two-year-old daughter Ensley’s face when he shot the French bulldog.

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