Kim Kardashian Is Now Selling Concrete Home Decor!

Kim Kardashian is quickly becoming a formidable rival to Gwyneth Paltrow.

Whether or not you enjoy their work, you can’t deny that both stars are successful entrepreneurs whose businesses continue to grow and now include everything from skincare to lingerie.

But Kim has a long way to go before she can compete with Gwyneth Paltrow and her ubiquitous Goop brand in the lifestyle industry.

While Kim hasn’t yet released a banana lamp or vagina-scented candle, it appears that she’s expanding her horizons in other ways, drawing inspiration from the Oscar winner.

Kim Kardashian Is Now Selling Concrete Home Decor!

The 41-year-old reality star has released a new five-piece collection of home accessories as part of her Skkn by Kim skincare line.

The collection, which includes a variety of containers, an $89 tissue box, and a $129 trash can, looks to be inspired by Kim’s own minimalist digs. Furthermore, the most shocking part is… All of them are hand-poured from concrete.

The Kim Kardashians star told Architectural Digest that she got the idea for her home goods line while working on the packaging for her new makeup line Skin.

Kim Kardashian Is Now Selling Concrete Home Decor!

“I think having the concrete material and monochromatic design is important for my mental wellness. I find that there is so much chaos out there that when I come home, the minimalist design creates a sense of quiet and calm,” she said.
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Kim elaborated, “All my inspiration was concrete sculpture and varied hues of stone because I wanted the package to look extremely wonderful in my own home.
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“I took great care in designing these new home items to showcase my skin-care range and provide a touch of modern, minimalistic elegance to any space.

All concrete goods are rather heavy and could harm your floor if dropped, therefore there are some drawbacks to using concrete.

Kim Kardashian Is Now Selling Concrete Home Decor!

In addition, the complete collection comes with a list of dos and don’ts that include things like never putting the pieces in direct sunlight, never using anything that could leave a stain on the concrete, and never immersing them in water.

Launching this October 6 is the Skin by Kim Home Accessories Collection.

If you can’t wait, though, you can check out Kim’s thoughts on the collection in this article from Architectural Digest.