Kim Kardashian Shared a Funny Disney Princess Moment with Her Fans!

If you’re a fan of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s romance (and who among us isn’t? ), you undoubtedly already know how crucial one specific Saturday Night Live comedy that was inspired by Disney is to their romance. The couple shared their first kiss in a Jasmine and Aladdin parody weeks before dating rumors first surfaced, and the rest, as they say, is history.

“I was just like, ‘Hmm!’ when we kissed. Even though it was a stage kiss, there was still a little zing, don’t you think? In April, Kardashian made a revelation on the podcast Not Skinny But Not Fat. However, the kiss left a lasting impression.

A couple of days later, I thought, “Hmm. There is BDE activity, she continued. For Valentine’s Day, Davidson gave his girlfriend props for their first kiss, according to what Kardashian told Jimmy Kimmel, so it’s clear that Jasmine will always have a special place in the reality star’s heart.

However, as Kardashian admitted in an Instagram post from July 16, she also has a sweet spot for other Disney princesses. She posed with a mane of extremely long, platinum blonde hair in a portfolio of behind-the-scenes images from her Allure cover story.

She even created a wrap top out of the hair in a single motion. Kardashian noted the similarity to a certain long-haired fairytale heroine, even if she had trouble spelling the name. How do you pronounce Rapunzel? Repunzle? lol.”

Kim Kardashian Shared a Funny Disney Princess Moment with Her Fans!

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It’s a good thing that this isn’t a spelling bee, because Kris Jenner would definitely go all “You’re doing wonderful, honey!” if it were. (For the record, when it came to Rapunzel, Kardashian got it right the first time.) Whatever name she gives the persona, the fairytale muse of the reality star was obvious.

“When I’m blonde, I feel different… I’m more sassy. Since I’m blonde, I feel more assured. In an interview with Allure earlier this month, Kardashian said, “As soon as I go back to brunette, I’m a boss.

For the benefit of her children, Kardashian has long been a devotee of Disney princesses, even before Jasmine and Rapunzel/Repunzle.

2015 saw the addition of another princess-like platinum blonde Instagram post. When her first (and, at the time, only) kid was approximately 2 years old, she wrote, “Channeling my inner Elsa for North.”

Additionally, according to the Daily Mail, Kardashian watched Beauty and the Beast with her daughter Chicago, nieces Stormi Webster and True Thompson, and sang along to Belle’s opening performance on Instagram the previous year. She informed the children, “I adore this movie. Do you guys not understand all the lyrics of this song?

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