Kimmi Scott Illness: Fans of “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” Express Concern for Kimmi Scott’s Well-Being!

Fans of Love & Marriage: Huntsville has expressed concern for Kimmi Scott’s health since the most recent LAMH trailer debuted.

Since the release of the season 4 trailer, fans have expressed concern over a scene involving Kimmi Scott. In the video, Kimmi is questioned about whether she has revealed her big secret to any of her friends. A family member inquires, “So we know about what’s going on,” prompting the Love and Marriage: Huntsville star to sit down with her husband, Maurice Scott, and other loved ones. How many of your friends are aware of what is taking place right now?

Since her family needed to be informed before anyone else, many fans speculate that Kimmi may be dealing with a serious medical condition. Fans are worried after watching the trailer even though there has been no confirmation of what is happening to Kimmi.

kimmi scott illness

Kimmi was also seen in another scene of The Love & Marriage: Huntsvilletrailer cutting her hair. “I chose this part,” she said. Kimmi receives assurance from Maurice that she looks good with her shorter hair. You have cute hair. We will survive this, another family member assures.

Although Kimmi hasn’t given much information about her potential condition, LAMH fans have already begun to conjecture. Melody Holt revealed to Kimmi Scott that Martell Holt’s business manager had feelings for him in a shocking scene from the trailer. LaTisha Scott and Destiny Payton are then informed of this by Kimmi.

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Martell eventually learns about the incident from Destiny, who narrates, “Kimmi mentioned that she went to lunch or something with your ex-wife and she was telling her you and Melneka have something going on right now.”

Because he doesn’t want Melody’s brother and his partner to watch the couple’s four children for protracted periods of time, Martell is currently seeking full custody of them. Martell claims that Melody frequently sends their kids to babysitters rather than leaving them in his care. Because they believed Martell Holt was homophobic for not wanting Melody’s brother to look after their children, fans of the OWN reality series Huntsville started a petition to have him fired.

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In an Instagram Story, Martell clarified that he had no problem with gay people, he just didn’t want men watching his children. “So I know a lot of people [are] like it’s the brother but it’s times that the brother left and his husband watched my children.  […] “I don’t have anything against anybody being gay, I’m cool with gay people I don’t care about you being gay—be free, be you who you are I love people being free, but when it comes to my children, our children I don’t want to put them in a position where anything could possibly happen.”