Kinnporsche The Series Ep. 5: Time, Preview, and Where to Watch

Episode 5 of KinnPorsche The Series is quickly approaching. KinnPorsche ep 5 has raised anticipation after showing the “hottest moment” of BL in Thai serial history. Check out the airdate and preview for KinnPorsche The Series episode 5 before the show.
Since the first episode aired, the newest popular Thai BL (Boys Love) drama series starring Phakphum Romsaithong (Mile) and Nattawin Wattanagitiphat (Apo) has generated the most buzz on social media.
The lead cast, which includes Phakphum Romsaithong and Nattawin Wattanagitiphat, has scorching chemistry, and the supporting cast, particularly Wichapas Sumettikul (Bible) as Vegas and Jakapan Putta (Build) as Pete, delivers flawless acting performances, earning the series a whopping 9 out of 10 on IMDb.

Aime International of The Kinnporsche Series

KinnPorsche The fifth episode of the series will run on the One31 local channel on May 7 at 11 PM Thailand time. On May 7 at 1 PM ET/May 8 at 12 AM Thailand time, the uncut version will be accessible on iQiyi. See below for a rough breakdown of the iQiyi broadcast schedule for overseas markets.
  • Pacific Time: 10 AM AM PT, May 7
  • Central Time: 12 PM CT, May 7
  • Eastern Time: 1 PM ET, May 7
  • British Time: 6 PM BST, May 7
  • European Time: 7 PM CEST, May 7
  • Indian Time: 10.30 PM IST, May 7
  • Philippine Time: 1 AM in the Philippines, May 8
  • Japan Time: 2 AM JST, May 8
  • Australian Time: 2.30 AM ACST, May 8
  • Singapore Time: 1 AM, May 8

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Kinnporsche the Series Ep 5 Preview

Fans of the Thai drama are keen to learn what happened following the frantic fourth episode of the well-liked program. Kinn and Porsche had a steamy night of adventures.
It appears from the preview sample that Kinn is being questioned about his feelings for Porsche, thus things are only going to become trickier for him and Porsche.
Kinnporsche The Series Ep. 5: Time, Preview, and Where to Watch
The plot of Porsche’s brother Porchay, who will be approached by Kinn’s brother Kim, will also be revealed in Episode 5. Fans already know that Kim has a hidden agenda.
Porsche will also receive a harsh punishment for “failing” at his work, as the clip shows him being beaten up on the floor.
A fan asked, “remember that part in the teaser where Porsche is in the shower and he looks so utterly devastated on the edge of tears, the light completely gone from his eyes?” in reference to the episode 5 preview.
“Not that I’ve moved on from #kinnporschetheseriesep4 but I’m so damn frightened for the impending #KinnporscheEP5“, a second admirer commented.

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Where to Watch Episode 5 of Kinnporsche

On One 31, episode five of KinnPorsche will premiere. Later, the show will be available to audiences worldwide on iQiyi and Watch the series’ behind-the-scenes footage below while you wait for the upcoming episode.

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