Kinnporsche the Series Episode 6: Release Information, Storyline, Spoilers, and English Subtitles!

The sixth episode of KinnPorsche The Series will air on May 14. KinnPorsche will return after an agonizing week of waiting.

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See below for information on when and where to watch episode 6. The newest Thai mafia romance series by Apo Nattawin Wattanagitiphat and Mile Phakphum Romsaithong is consistently making headlines online. Global BL viewers have been praising the lead couple’s swoon-worthy chemistry as well as the show’s outstanding cast. KinnPorsche The Series has received a 9.1 rating on IMDb after only 5 episodes have been released.

Release Date and Time, Story, Spoilers, Eng Sub, Kinnporsche the Series Episode 6

We saw that Kinn’s father reminded him of his careless behavior with Porsche in the most recent episode. He counsels Kinn to deal with Porsche sternly and to suppress his emotions. Porsche was then fined and made to crawl 100 times. Korn gives Porsche a week’s leave of absence because of his uncertainty about his love for Kinn.
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Porsche is instructed by the man to make up his mind and inform him of Kinn’s desire to be his bodyguard.

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Kinnporsche the Series Episode 6: Release Information, Storyline, Spoilers, and English Subtitles!

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Release Date for Season 6 of Kinnporsche

On May 14, the sixth episode of Kinnporsche will air. English subtitles are accessible right now thanks to the iQiyi subtitle team’s speedy work. According to the schedule for the rest of the series, episode 6 should last around 50 minutes.

Kinnporsche Will Have How Many Episodes?

We still have 8 more episodes after this one, guys, because Kinnporsche is a 14-episode Thai drama.

Episode 6 Spoilers and Leaks

Kinn and Porsche were attacked, as we saw in the Episode 6 trailer. They were hauled inside the bus and kept there together.

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The notice that Kinn was leaving the city reaches Kinn’s father Korn. To find Kinn and bring him back safely, Korn orders all of his guards.
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Aboard the other side, Porsche and Kinn make an effort to defend themselves on the bus.

Kinnporsche the Series Episode 6: Release Information, Storyline, Spoilers, and English Subtitles!

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The bus was empty when Korn’s men arrived to rescue Kinn. To find Porsche and Kinn and bring them to him, Korn commands the guard to explore the entire woodland. Action, suspense, and possibly some tender moments between Kinn and Porsche will all be present in episode 6.

Where to Watch Kinnporsche Episode 6

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Episode 6 of KinnPorsche will premiere on One 31. Later, the program can be viewed by people worldwide on iQiyi and Watch the series’ making-of videos below as you wait for the next installment.