Kody Brown Net Worth: What Does the Patriarch of Sister Wives Do for Work? 

Brother Wives 18 kids overall have been born to Kody Brown’s four marriages, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn. Kody Brown has revealed that he has a job, despite the fact that the family makes a nice living thanks to being on international television. Along with him, his wife Janelle and Meri also work.

According to the first episode of the series, Robyn and Christine manage the home and care for the kids. The question “What does Kody Brown do for a living?” has been asked by viewers because the head of the Brown family is seldom ever seen working on the show.

Kody Brown’s Early Life

Kody was born in Lovell, Wyoming, on January 17, 1969. He was raised in a Mormon polygamist family. Kody is devoted to decriminalizing polygamy and works to promote this way of life.

kody brown net worth

Utah’s polygamy laws were challenged in US federal courts, and Kody was named as a participant. Even a series of videos was utilized by the prosecution to support its case. He is still being looked into, but no charges have been brought.

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Kody Brown’s Net Worth

Kody Brown, a reality television personality from the United States who practices polygamy, is worth $800,000. Most people know Brown from the television show “Sister Wives,” which centers on Brown’s polygamous family.

He was also the focus of a well-known court case in which the United States opposed the criminal polygamy law of the State of Utah. According to Kody, he only has a legal marriage to one of his four wives; the other three are simply “spiritual relationships.”

What Does Kody Brown Do for A Living?

Kody Brown of Sister Wives made a suggestion that he might work in the online ad sales industry in the first season’s opening episode.

The reality TV star made the decision, according to Bustle, to quit his work and devote all of his attention to building the family’s business.

kody brown net worth

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Soon after that, in 2012, he published Becoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Unconventional Marriage, which went on to become a New York Times bestseller. In the book, Brown outlined everything, including the advantages and disadvantages of living in a polygamous partnership.

According to the book’s description, he also wrote about people’s perceptions of “distrust, prejudice, even dread.” On Amazon, the book now has over 850 reviews with a 4-star average.

The Brown’s Real Estate Holdings

The family was first based in Lehi, Utah, but eventually relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada, for the duration of “Sister Wives.” They relocated once more in 2018 to Baderville, Arizona. Property ownership appears to be this family’s main financial goal.

Each wife shared a home with Kody while they were residing in Las Vegas, but they have since sold them. Since then, Kody and some of his wives have been acquiring additional homes and/or land. For $222,900, Kody acquired a 2.42-acre plot of land near Coyote Pass in 2016. Kody paid 0,000 in September 2018 for a 2,400-square-foot house in Baderville, Arizona.

Additionally, in 2018, Kody and Christine paid $300,000 for a 5.16-acre plot of land near Coyote Pass.

For $890,000, Kody and Robyn acquired a five-bedroom house on four acres close to Flagstaff, Arizona.

Near June 2018, they also paid $180,000 and $170,000 for two separate pieces of land in Coyote Pass. Since the announcement of the split, Christine has listed her Flagstaff house for 0,000.

Legal Issues

Although Kody intended for “Sister Wives” to promote polygamy, the fact that he was the target of legal action caused this strategy to backfire slightly. The state of Utah’s polygamy legislation was challenged in US federal courts, and a video from “Sister Wives” was effectively used as evidence against Kody Brown.

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The day following the premiere of the first episode of “Sister Wives,” Utah police said they were looking into Kody Brown for bigamy, a felony that carries a possible 20-year prison term. Each of his wives might receive a 5-year prison term as well.

Personal Life

kody brown net worth

Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn are the wives of Kody Brown, and they have all adopted his last name. The only marriage that has any legal sway, however, is his union with Robyn. In order to officially adopt Robyn’s three children from her former marriage, he formally divorced his first wife, Meri, but only for that purpose.

As a result, Kody Brown has a total of 18 children, 15 of them are his biological offspring.