Kourtney Kardashian Exposes Her Midriff and Announces that The Fourth of July Has Been Postponed Because There Isn’t Enough Independence!

Following her husband Travis Barker’s recent illness, Kourtney Kardashian slowly started posting again on social media, revealing her midriff in a seductive new mirror selfie.

The reality actress, 42, uploaded a sultry photo of herself wearing a black sports bra and matching sweatpants less than 24 hours after speaking out about the drummer’s ‘life threatening’ case of pancreatitis.

The creator of Poosh Kourtney also shared a meme on her Instagram Story that stated, “The Fourth of July has been canceled due to a lack of independence.” Thank you, Ladies.
She was making reference to the Roe v. Wade decision reversed by the US Supreme Court last month, which she has previously criticized for allowing weapons to have “greater rights than women.”

The mother-of-three and Barker also tweeted a picture of a board game basket containing titles like Monopoly, Operation, and Gobblet Gobblers.

In another picture, she was pictured driving about in an orange antique car before spending time with her man.

Kourtney Kardashian Exposes Her Midriff and Announces that The Fourth of July Has Been Postponed Because There Isn't Enough Independence!

Her pictures were made less than a day after her husband stated on his Instagram Story that he is “currently a lot better” following his Tuesday admission for pancreatitis.

The musician’s post was his first on social media since cryptically tweeting “God help me” the morning of his emergency hospital admission, where he is still being treated as of this past Saturday.

In his update, he stated that the excision of a polyp “in a highly sensitive location” during an endoscopy caused his pancreatitis. His illness was said to have been caused by a colonoscopy, a sort of endoscopy, earlier in the week, but Travis did not clarify if it was the specific test he had.

After a “scary and emotional week,” his wife reposted Travis’ Story with her own comments, thanking God for “healing my husband.”

“I felt wonderful going in for my endoscopy on Monday.” However, following dinner, I started to experience tremendous pain, and I’ve been in the hospital ever since,’ Travis added.

“During the endoscopy, a little polyp that is typically handled by professionals was removed right in a very sensitive spot, damaging a vital pancreatic drainage tube in the process. As a result, I developed severe, potentially fatal pancreatitis.

The Blink-182 drummer concluded the post with a praying hands emoji and said: “I am so very very grateful that with the intense treatment I am currently considerably better.”

Oh what a scary and emotional week it has been, Kourtney commented in the meantime. Our health is everything, yet occasionally we fail to recognize how rapidly it can deteriorate. Travis and I underwent a routine endoscopy together, and as a result, he developed severe, potentially fatal pancreatitis.

“I am very grateful to God for healing my husband,” she said, “for all of your prayers for him and for us, and for the overwhelmingly kind and supportive responses. I’m grateful and touched beyond words.

“I am so extremely grateful to our specialists, doctors, and nurses at Cedars Sinai for taking such excellent care of my husband and me during our stay,” the reality star continued.

It’s funny how sometimes words could never completely communicate the gratitude or thoughts I have inside of me, she added in a subsequent post.

The comments come two days after it was stated that Travis is “expected to be OK” following his hospitalization for pancreatitis that was later thought to have been “triggered” by a recent colonoscopy. Travis was hospitalized while suffering from pancreatitis.

As she stayed by his side at Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles, a source told that Kourtney was attempting to maintain optimism.

He was in excruciating agony yesterday, and he and Kourtney were both quite concerned, the insider continued. He was barely able to walk because of it.

As her spouse heals, the mother-of-three is reportedly maintaining her optimistic attitude. The source claimed that Kourtney is trying to brighten his spirits and dislikes seeing him in tremendous pain.

Kourtney is still by the side of the Blink-182 drummer while he receives medical attention at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California.

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