KSI vs. Logan Paul- Here Is Everything You Need to Know About KSI and Logan Paul!

The fights between KSI and Logan Paul marked the beginning of a wave of celebrity boxing events that swept the sport. Eventually, the British YouTuber triumphed. The first battle ended in a majority draw, but KSI won the second fight by a split decision.

Logan Paul and KSI seized on an untapped market in their inaugural contest, which became one of the most momentous events in internet history. KSI had previously battled Joe Weller, another British YouTuber, but this was Paul’s first fight as a boxer.

What Is the Meaning of KSI?

Olajide Olayinka Williams “JJ” Olatunji (/ldide ltundi/, oh-lah-JEE-day oh-lah-TUHN-jee; born 19 June 1993) is an English YouTuber and rapper best known as KSI. He is a co-founder and member of the Sidemen, a British YouTube organization. He is also a co-owner of Prime Hydration, XIX Vodka, and the Sides restaurant chain.

ksi vs. logan paul

In 2009, KSI created his main YouTube channel and gained a following by releasing gaming-commentary videos for the FIFA video game series. His YouTube videos have expanded to include vlogs and comedic videos. He has over 34 million subscribers and over 8 billion video views between his two YouTube channels as of March 2021.

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Dissimulation, KSI’s debut studio album, debuted at number two on the UK Albums Chart in 2020. All Over The Place, his second studio album arrived at number one. He has fourteen top 40 hits on the UK Singles Chart, with seven of them reaching the top ten and five reaching the top five. KSI appeared in the British comedy film Laid in America (2016) and was the subject of the documentary film KSI: Can’t Lose (2018), which followed the build-up to his first amateur boxing match against British YouTuber Joe Weller. He competed in two more boxing matches, the second of which was a professional bout, against American YouTuber Logan Paul.

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What Is Logan Paul’s Name?


Logan Alexander Paul (born April 1, 1995) is a YouTuber and social media star from the United States. In addition to publishing on his own YouTube channel, he has been hosting the Impulsive podcast since November 2018, and as of January 2022, he has over 23 million YouTube subscribers.

In 2013, Paul established a following by releasing doodles on Vine, a video-sharing app. Following the closing of the Vine app, he started posting regularly on his YouTube channel, TheOfficialLoganPaul, on October 18, 2013. On August 29, 2015, he launched the Logan Paul Vlogs channel, which has since become his most popular YouTube channel. The channel has 23.2 million subscribers and over 5.8 billion views as of January 2022, making it the 74th most-subscribed channel in the United States and one of the most-subscribed channels on the platform.

Ksi Defeats Logan Paul in A Rematch in The Battle of YouTube Stars

ksi vs. logan paul

In a highly anticipated rematch in Los Angeles, KSI defeated fellow YouTuber Logan Paul by a split decision. On Saturday, KSI was awarded bragging rights when two judges scored the bout 57-54, and 56-55 in his favor, with the other awarding Paul a 56-55 victory at Staples Center.

In a white-collar contest at Manchester Arena in August 2018, American Paul – taught by former heavyweight champion Shannon Briggs – and Brit KSI, whose actual name is Olajide Olatunji, were forced to settle for a draw in what was the most-watched non-professional boxing match in history. The internet sensations reunited for KSI v Paul II in front of a star-studded audience, including Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran, and millions of viewers around the world.

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In the six-round bout held under the California lights, plenty of blows were thrown, but few connected. The battle remained close during the first two rounds, but it seemed to pick up steam in the fourth. KSI was knocked out, but although being granted the knockdown, Paul was docked two points for striking his opponent while he was on the ground and defenseless.

The final two rounds featured two exhausted boxers before the judges decided the bout, with KSI in tears. “Last time, KSI was scared, and I was afraid to fight. When I got in this time, I simply kept going and going “After the match, KSI told DAZN in the ring. “Fans could see how much bigger he was and how muscular he was. So I figured, screw it! I’m going to put in a lot of effort. I’d want to express my gratitude to my team for all of their assistance. Your child has done it, and I have won!”

ksi vs. logan paul

“In the ring and in camp, I’ve never worked so hard. I was prepared and enthralled. My jabs were too much for him. He kept moving, but I caught up with him “KSI has been added.

Logan stated, ” “Before the battle, I respected you since you are one of the hardest individuals I know. I don’t like trash-talking, but it was necessary to sell the battle. This year, I was calmer since we focused on my conditioning.”


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