Kylie Jenner Accuses an Alleged Instacart Employee of “lying” About Hearing Her Son Sob Inside Her House!

When a TikTok user posing as an Instacart employee claimed to have seen inside Kylie Jenner’s home while making a delivery and “heard a baby scream,” Kylie Jenner responded with a clap in return. What she said is below.

This news has not captured Kylie Jenner’s attention.

After a TikTok user said he delivered groceries to the Kardashians star’s house, the user was actually applauded back.

Pablo Tamayo, an Instacart employee who has amassed more than 400,000 followers, tweeted a video this week claiming to have delivered an order to Kylie Jenner.

The user claimed to have purchased a $12 pack of pepperoni from the upscale supermarket Erewhon in West Hollywood and transported it to the woman’s house in the Los Angeles region, which he claimed to have identified from online pictures.

Kylie Jenner Accuses an Alleged Instacart Employee of "lying" About Hearing Her Son Sob Inside Her House!

Pablo, a 20-year-old who made the video from his car, claimed, “This bitch could have paid me more.” “I’m assuming it’s for her assistant or something because it’s under the name Ashton,” said the observer.

He claimed he was told to “phone and go through the gate” rather than leave the item outside.

Is this Kylie Jenner’s house, Pablo could be seen in the video questioning someone who was inside. Pablo’s automobile appeared in the next cut of the video.

He announced, “I just went in Kylie’s house,” adding that a man had welcomed him and led him through the gate and “down this small road with like a river beneath it.”

Pablo claimed that even though he was instructed to leave the delivery by the door, he was given the opportunity to “look into the whole house” before departing. He made mention of Kylie’s daughter, 4, and her son, 1, before saying, “I see all these assistants, all these maids, and s—t.” I swear I heard a baby cry, even though I didn’t see Kylie or Stormi.

Despite Pablo’s claim that he “CAN NOT MAKE THIS S—T UP” in the title of the video, Kylie questioned Pablo’s account on her own TikTok page.

On July 7, the creator of Kylie Cosmetics uploaded a video of herself assembling a salami and pepperoni sandwich. She then used the comment box to appear to respond to Pablo’s post, albeit she omitted his name.

Kylie Jenner Accuses an Alleged Instacart Employee of "lying" About Hearing Her Son Sob Inside Her House!

‘Nobody enters the gate,’ which river? no river The lying for attention really irritates me, sorry,” Kylie wrote in since-deleted comments. I didn’t order this by myself. The app DID leave a tip for him. He also made false claims of hearing my son sob through my open windows.

In response to those who merely wanted to know more about the sandwich she was consuming, she wrote, “Recipe coming soon lol.”

Kylie also left a second comment on the same video, addressing viewers who might have missed all the drama. She said, “simply go on if you don’t understand what I’m talking about.”

Before biting into her masterpiece, she was seen in the video enlarging the sandwiches she was preparing for Travis Scott and herself. With the caption “ur welcome Travis,” Pablo later uploaded images of their supper.

Pablo and Instacart have not responded to E! News’ requests for comments regarding Kylie’s remark.

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