The Transformation of Lala Anthony Before and After Surgery

Born in New York City and reared there She is an ancestor of Afro-Puerto Ricans, claims Lala Anthony. She is even more stunning because of the contrast between her dark skin and her beautiful brown eyes.

Despite this, La La is frequently associated with stories of plastic surgery, and the general public has the propensity to draw conclusions about her appearance. Her critics assert that if she hadn’t undergone the changes, she would have appeared unexceptional and dull.

I’m curious to know if she’s had surgery and what you think of it, so please let me know. She seems hot to me!

Has Lala Anthony Undergone Rhinoplasty?

lala anthony before surgery

Lala’s adeptness with makeup is the one thing that admirers consistently mention. She is skilled at using makeup to accentuate her greatest features, which include her eyes, nose, and cheekbones. With a quick swipe of her magic brushes, she may easily upgrade her appearance.

However, as can be seen in the right image, I doubt contouring cosmetics could have made her nose appear this little and slender. The left side of her nose tip looks bigger, rounder, and more bulbous. On the right, her nose bridge is significantly thinner, and the tip appears to be turned up.

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LaLa Had Botox on Her Face, Right?

lala anthony before surgery

Lala is infamous for her propensity to use high-end skincare and anti-aging treatments. She indulges in her fascination with skincare, and it undoubtedly shows because she glows in the majority of her pictures.

Yes, Lala’s face is flawless and free of wrinkles, but I doubt that she got botox injections. I think the before and after pictures both appear natural.

She must be more careful about the products she uses on her face because she has sensitive skin, and she must also be an expert because she has dealt with psoriasis for much of her life.

She may appear bloated, but that’s only from the extra weight.
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lala anthony before surgery

Lala has a fantastic upper figure, and I didn’t notice any false parts. She actually seems to have grown into having large boobs, so I don’t understand why she would need implants. I think her breast size and form are very normal.

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Lala’s Butt: Is It Enhanced?

lala anthony before surgery

I can’t say the same for her legs, though. She has a beautiful curve to her, and in my opinion, she is gorgeous. I think La La may have had a butt lift to enhance the shape of her rear end, as opposed to her natural breasts.

An older photo of her might reveal the Latina butt that the majority of Puerto Rican ladies possess. The rear appears much bigger, rounder, and firmer in the after photo, however. In some ways, it reminds me of the Kardashians (just saying). Her denials of having plastic surgery seem to be in conflict with images from both her past and present. Her face looks natural, but I can’t say the same about her nose and buttocks.

She produced the documentary “Killer Curves: Bodies To Die For” on the black market for cosmetic surgery. One of the treatments she specialized in was butt enlargement.

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Final Words

The celebrity has never acknowledged getting any cosmetic treatments, although her old and new photographs seem to contradict that. Her face seems real, however, her nose and buttock don’t look as natural.

It’s interesting to note that she explored plastic surgery on the black market for her documentary “Killer Curves: Bodies To Die For,” which featured butt augmentation as one of the prominent treatments.