The Transformation of Latoya Jackson Before Surgery!

American singer-songwriter Latoya Jackson is also an actress, businesswoman, and television personality. The middle child of the Jackson family and the fifth child overall, Jackson first rose to fame on the CBS variety show The Jacksons from 1976 to 1977. Surgery by Latoya Jackson

Plastic Surgery by Latoya Jackson

latoya jackson before surgery

When Latoya Jackson Plastic Surgery showed up for a promotional event the day before, at a branch office in Munich, it was more clear than ever that a terrible addiction to plastic surgery runs in the family.

The 51-year-old antique looks as though she is following in the footsteps of her younger brother; she also has an oddly pinched nose, impossibly clear skin, and a pointed chin.

LaToya once criticized Michael’s obsession with getting cut, blaming it on the violence and cruelty their father Joe displayed toward his children while she was dressed in cleavage and midriff-baring attire.

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Why Were the Jacksons’ Noses Altered?

latoya jackson before surgery

La Toya Jackson might only be one nostril task away from experiencing the same tragedy that her brother Michael did, who was wearing a fake schnoz when he passed away. Exclusive images obtained by RadarOnline.Com show Jackson speeding out of a pharmacy on October 13 while carrying a bottle of Aquaphor skin-repair ointment. Click through the gallery to learn more!

Radar has now mapped the development of La Toya’s drastically shrinking nostril, dating all the way back to the time when she was a fresh-faced singer in 1980. A group of America’s top plastic surgeons reviewed the jaw-dropping gallery for Radar. La Toya has had multiple nose jobs long ago, according to everyone, even though none of them have ever handled her.

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Secret Surgery Was Confirmed by Michael Jackson’s Autopsy.

latoya jackson before surgery

After Michael Jackson passed away in 2009, his autopsy revealed his tragic history of cosmetic surgery and hidden health issues. At the age of 50, the King of Pop passed away at his mansion in Los Angeles from a Propofol overdose.

The Thriller star’s body was found to be covered in scars, according to the autopsy report that was later published in its entirety. Jackson’s arms were covered in puncture wounds that were likely brought on by the drugs he was injecting to try and treat his chronic insomnia.

The numerous cosmetic procedures he had undergone over the years were also clearly visible. He had four surgical scars total, four on either side of his nostrils and two behind his ears. He also had scars on his arms, wrist, and the base of his neck.

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latoya jackson before surgery

The majority of these, doctors later determined, was caused by his various operations. In addition to having cosmetic surgery to alter his appearance, Jackson also got several cosmetic tattoos, such as a permanent pink liner around his lips.

The pop star also had a tattooed, tattooed-darkened bald spot on his scalp. Jackson was nearly hairless, and the hairless area on his head is thought to have been caused by burns he sustained in an accident on the set of a Pepsi commercial in 1984.

When his hair caught fire while he was filming a pyrotechnic performance, he was hospitalized with terrible second and third-degree burns. The singer spent years wearing wigs and hair extensions to hide the bald spot.

In addition, it was said that the front of his head was beginning to bald, and the rest of his hair was short and curly. The autopsy also verified the accuracy of long-running rumors about Jackson’s changing skin tone.