Launch of “Manifesto: Day 1” by Enhypen Returning Mini Album: Watch It Now!

Enhype is back again!

The group, which consists of seven members, has released their third mini-album, MANIFESTO: DAY 1, which ushers in a new phase in their musical career.

“DAY 1 is a narrative about boys who are unsure of how grownups define success and who refuse to follow instructions in favor of looking for their own solutions.

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It has to do with our desire to live our lives independently of other influences “In a press conference before the album’s release, Jungwon made the statement.

Six tracks total on the mini-album represents a variety of styles and genres.
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Future Perfect (Pass the MIC), the album’s lead song,

“Chicago drill is a kind of music that is fairly new to the K-pop culture and is featured in “Future Perfect.” It tells the tale of seven youngsters who recognize their calling and announce their forward movement. We shall pass the mic to our peers and kindle the fire of our future together, as the song’s title “Pass the MIC” implies “Sunghoon remarked.

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“The song is titled “Future Perfect” because that is the verb tense in English that describes how our relationship will grow in the foreseeable future. Although the title and message of the song are incredibly uplifting and hopeful, the melody and lyrics are rather forceful “Jungwon” stated.

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“A yearning to be heroes is expressed in the song. The main character in a superhero film tries to establish their heroism and develops while facing challenges. The song, therefore, expresses our firm conviction that we merit love as a result of our abilities and skills, and that we should exercise our power not only for our own benefit but also for the benefit of others “Jay remarked.
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A number of standout tunes are also included on the mini-album, including “Walk The Line,” which has the same name as a song on ENHYPEN’s upcoming EP BORDER: DAY ONE. The song represents the group’s desire to deviate from the route that has been prepared for them and forge their own course.

The album MANIFESTO: DAY ONE also has the alternative rock song “Shout Out,” which Jake co-wrote and dedicates to ENGENEs (ENHYPEN fans), and the dark and uplifting song “Foreshadow,” which has narrations in Korean, English, and Japanese, the retro hip-hop song “ParadoXXX Invasion,” which pokes fun at adults who think teenagers are immature, and the tender, sentimental song “TFW.”

The group’s critically acclaimed album DIMENSION: ANSWER, which featured their viral tune “Tamed-Dashed,” was preceded by the publication of MANIFESTO: DAY 1.

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