While Onstage Performing, Laura Benanti Says She Had a Miscarriage

Laura Benanti is being transparent about her miscarriage. Benanti announced she experienced a miscarriage recently in an Instagram post that was published on Wednesday.

She added next to a picture of herself onstage, “On Monday, April 3rd, I performed on stage for 2000 people while experiencing a miscarriage.” “I knew it was going to happen.

It began gently the previous evening.

Because it wasn’t her first miscarriage, Benanti went on to say, she was “not a stranger to the anguish and loss of losing a pregnancy.” That is a journey that I have already traveled along with my husband. (In a 2015 post for the Huffington Post, Benanti discussed a previous miscarriage and referred to it as the “Voldemort of women’s troubles.”)

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laura benanti miscarriage performing onstage

But this time, she said, “We walked it alongside some of the sweetest, most compassionate people I’ve ever had the privilege to share space with.”

She continued by saying how much she appreciated the audience’s “grace” and how it had “lifted me out of my anguish for that Holy hour.” She also expressed gratitude to her band for their “unconditional” love for her, to the crew for “working so hard to make me as comfortable as possible,” to her friends and fellow performers for “standing by me and so graciously accommodating my changing needs,” and to the crew’s efforts on her behalf. Thank you to the outstanding producers and their teams for being able to demonstrate in the most effective way possible how to respond to a personal situation with understanding and compassion.

Along with remembering the “small soul for selecting me as your home, albeit for a short period,” the Tony Award-winning actress also sent thanks. “Patrick and I are incredibly appreciative of our family and the miracle of our two lovely kids,” she said. One was borne by me, and the other by an earthbound angel. Benanti revealed on Instagram last year that she and her husband had given birth to their second daughter through surrogacy.

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Despite being “heartbroken” with the loss, Benanti and her husband Patrick Brown promise to “walk through this together like we, and so many others, have done before.”

Benanti said she didn’t disclose her loss to get “sympathy or attention but to remind the many people and families who have and will experience this type of loss that there is no shame in this kind of loss, that there is no shame in this kind of loss,” The fact that you are not alone. And to also remember me,” she concluded her statement.