Who is Laura Slade Wiggins dating? Have a look at her dating and love life!

Laura Slade Wiggins Dating

Find out who Laura Slade Wiggins is seeing right now, who she has dated in the past, who her husband is, and more about her love life.

Who is she currently dating?

Kyle Weishaar is the husband of Laura Slade Wiggins at the moment.

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They started dating in 2008 and got married in 2018.
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On August 8, 1988, the American television actress was born in Athens, Greece.

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Karen Jackson played by Laura is an American actress best known for her performance in Shameless. The Tomorrow People, Rings, and Starving in Suburbia have all featured her.

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Biography of Laura Slade Wiggins

Athens, Georgia is home to Laura Slade Wiggins, who was born on August 8th, 1988. Laura Slade Wiggins is currently 33 years of age. Leo is the sign of the lion for those born on August 8th. Dragon is her astrological sign.

She is an American actress and musician, best known for her roles on television and in films.

She began acting in 2006 and has since acted in shows such as Dance of the Dead and Eleventh Hour.


As of 2022, Kyle Weishaar is Laura Slade Wiggins’s long-term partner. They started dating in 2008 at the earliest. Her zodiac sign is Gemini. While Taurus and Scorpio are regarded to be the least compatible signs for Leo, Aries, Gemini and Libra are considered to be the most compatible. There is not much age difference between Kyle and Laura. Before her current relationship, Laura Slade Wiggins had at least two other relationships, according to CelebsCouples. She has never been married before.

Approximately 14 years, 5 months, and 15 days, Kyle Weishaar and Laura Slade Wiggins have been together.

Laura Slade Wiggins will turn 34 soon.

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Do you know someone who has dated Laura Slade Wiggins?

You can always come back to this page for the latest Laura Slade Wiggins dating news and speculations, as she is notorious for keeping her private life and love life a secret.

In addition to Kyle Weishaar, Laura Slade Wiggins had a prior relationship with at least two men. To our knowledge, Laura Slade Wiggins has never been previously engaged. From 2011 through 2015, Laura Wiggins had a relationship with James Preston.

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We’re currently sifting through old dates and hookups to find out what happened before.

Rumors about Laura Slade Wiggins’s dating history might vary widely on the Internet. It’s difficult to keep up of all the celebrity dating profiles and timelines. Please let us know if any information on Laura Slade Wiggins is out-of-date.

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Relationship FAQs of Laura Slade Wiggins

Is Laura Slade Wiggins married?

Kyle Weishaar is the husband of Laura Slade Wiggins.

Laura Slade Wiggins had how many relationships?

At the very least, Laura Slade Wiggins has been in two relationships.

Does she have any children?

She does not have any children of her own.