Lauren Jauregui Claims that She Was “Unhealed” After a Breakup when She Wrote Her New Song, “Trust Problems”

Jauregui talks to Media about the vulnerable new song and its music video, which were both influenced by the “One Sweet Day” music video by Boys 2 Men and Mariah Carey. Lauren Jauregui is aware that transitioning from one relationship to the next may be challenging.

The 26-year-old singer-new songwriter’s song, “Trust Problems,” which she wrote about her difficulties to start a new relationship soon after her separation with rapper Ty Dolla $ign in 2019, was released on Friday accompanied by an emotional music video showcasing its making.

Jauregui chuckles to Media, “‘ Trust Problems’ is basically simply an investigation of having trust difficulties. It’s quite simple: I’m chatting to a possible lover who is attempting to connect with me in a romantic sense but has recently ended a relationship.

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The new song, “Resist,” was written by the Fifth Harmony alum while she was on a writing retreat in Bali. She also penned her last hit, “Always Love,” while there.

In the slow song, she sings, “I’ve had trust issues and I know we all do / But I think I’m too wounded to dive in, and that ain’t fair to you.” I can’t take a chance while I’m injured. Tired of being exploited, maybe that’s not you.

According to Jauregui, “I felt like exploring the idea that all of us have trust issues and be going into areas we don’t need to be in yet.” This is me thinking about it and saying, “Hey, I have trust problems, and I know everyone has, but I don’t believe it’s fair for me to attempt to connect with you because I’m unhealed right now.

The singer explains that the song’s music video is meant to represent “moving from the apparent glitz and glamor that is the music industry into the behind-the-scenes of it, which is just this raw writing process.” It begins with the musician on the set of her “Always Love” live performance, which was released at the end of January.

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According to Jauregui, “I’m simply chilling with my guitarist and my engineer, making a tune.” It was influenced by the behind-the-scenes, real, unvarnished, honest sentiments of the “One Sweet Day” video by Boyz 2 Men and Mariah Carey since that is how I feel the music conveys itself.

The “Lento” performer, who is currently dating dancer Sasha Mallory, finished a sold-out stadium tour of South America just before releasing the new song and music video. She described the experience as “mind-blowing and magnificent,” as it was her second time performing as the main attraction at a solo performance.

Jauregui remembers, “I felt really privileged and appreciative. “I had this complete moment with myself on the flight to Argentina, which was the first concert, where I just sobbed and felt such profound appreciation.”

I suddenly realized, “Damn, I’m really doing this. I really get to do this myself, and people are showing up for these shows — thousands of people are coming to see me in countries that don’t even natively speak English, but feel connected to me,” she continues. “I had this flash of myself as a kid, choreographing dances in my room and performing them for my family.