Lauren London Claims that Diddy Provided Support for Her During Nipsey Hussle’s Funeral!

Following the passing of her longtime lover Nipsey Hussle in 2019, actress Lauren London is talking openly about life after grief and the small things that have helped her get through, including a pep talk from Sean “Diddy” Combs.

The Game actress, 37, had a wide-ranging appearance on the Angie Martinez IRL podcast on Wednesday. She discussed her “up and down” healing process as well as that of her two young children.

She referred to the rapper, Nipsey Hussle, who was shot to death in Los Angeles at the age of 33, as “Superman, I thought he would live forever.” “I had assumed I would speak first. I used to nag people with inquiries like, “What are you going to do after I die?” Always so ghastly was I.”

Nothing could have prepared London for the spectrum of emotions that came with losing Hussle so suddenly, even if she claimed that giving birth to her son Kameron, 12, whom she shares with her ex-boyfriend Lil Wayne, helped dispel the morbid thoughts.

She remembered, “At first you’re in shock, then there’s a lot of attention and love around you. “People then resume living their lives. Then you ask yourself, “How do I get back to my life when everything has changed so much?” What then does my current existence look like?”

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The model expressed pride in how far she has recovered, noting that there have been times when she hasn’t been able to take a shower and has worried she’ll never laugh again.

Lauren London Claims that Diddy Provided Support for Her During Nipsey Hussle's Funeral!

London revealed that she felt like giving up during the most trying periods, but she didn’t keep it from Kameron and his 5-year-old brother Kross, with whom London cohabited with Hussle (born Ermias Joseph Asghedom). The celebrity claimed that she took them with her to therapy sessions and spiritual retreats so they could process their own emotions.

“I believe that my kids deserve happiness and a very happy mother. They merit happiness. Why would I steal that from them?” She spoke. “But I was very honest with them, and it was real. Such is life. I won’t try to hide the fact that this exists. This is depressing.

It’s just a parenting decision, in my opinion. With my children, I am quite open. They shouldn’t have a distorted view of life, in my opinion. They need to be buckled up and prepared to go.”

She went on: “When I use the phrase “transitioned,” I always add that Daddy is still present and that both he and we can still sense him. You might not hear him when you want to say something, but you will always know when he is there. Follow his advice, write him letters, speak with him, and other such things.”

Even though London claimed to be in a better place now, she also reflected on Hussle’s funeral and admitted that Diddy’s motivational speech was the only reason she was able to gather herself.

“It simply struck me as weird. My desire to dress was nonexistent. I planned to wear sweatpants, “She spoke. “Puff grabbed my attention and said, “Look, Boog. Everyone has seen what it looks like to hold a man down and to love him thanks to you. Show them now how it will appear once everything has collapsed. It is your duty to handle that. “Show up with your head up,” he said.”

In the future, London declared that she would much rather focus her emphasis on her connection with God than on relationships as a whole.

“Pure love is not absent from me. I may never get married, but Nip and I had a truly romantic relationship. I got it. I got to witness that here on earth. I don’t have to repeat it, “She spoke. “I enjoy having insight with God right now. I don’t know what 50, 60, or 70 will bring, as I have stated. But 37? I’m ok. I do not desire it.”

A Los Angeles jury found 32-year-old Eric Holder guilty of first-degree murder in the death of Nipsey Hussle just days prior to London’s podcast appearance.

Lauren London Claims that Diddy Provided Support for Her During Nipsey Hussle's Funeral!

Holder was also found guilty of attempted voluntary manslaughter because the gunshot also hit two bystanders.

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