Lauren Sanchez Plastic Surgery: Her Fans Criticize Her for Plastic Surgery in A New Pics!

If you didn’t know, Lauren Sanchez is a well-known American newswoman who specializes in covering entertainment. The media personality is a skilled actress as well.

In addition to enjoying her job, people in this day and age also adore her attractiveness. Some people have even speculated that the celebrity may have undergone plastic surgery to preserve her beauty.

Early Life

On December 19, 1969, Lauren Wendy Sánchez was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Lauren’s fascination with aviation began at a young age, in large part because of her father’s occupation as a flight instructor.

Her early years were largely spent loitering around hangar bays where she observed various pilots and aircraft. She first became interested in her father’s hobby of restoring vintage airplanes when she was a young child.

Lauren Sanchez, who was actually born in New Mexico, eventually went to El Camino College in California.

She developed a strong interest in journalism during her time in college, contributing to the campus newspaper and ultimately winning a scholarship to the University of Southern California.

She subsequently worked as an intern at a nearby news station while majoring in communications and spending her days in class. Sánchez eventually earned a communications degree.

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Lauren Sanchez Is Preparing for Plastic Surgery

Lauren Sanchez Plastic Surgery

Netizens started criticizing the journalist for the alleged cosmetic surgery she had undergone in the feedback section of the outlet’s reporting.

“She’s had her lips pumped, her face pulled again, her enamel capped, and her hair color. She also had her cheeks pumped. One customer mocked, “An L.A. requirement!”

Another continued by calling her face “a freak present” and even making fun of the fact that her partner was wealthy.

“Is that the best he can accomplish with all that money? LOL, they wrote.

Lauren Sanchez Plastic Surgery Rumors

When she was photographed with wealthy businessman Jeff Bezos, the allegations reached their zenith. According to several news outlets, the two are currently engaged in a serious relationship. With that, the actress’s fame also increased. People who looked at her photos couldn’t help but notice the surgical interventions on her face.

Everyone began examining The View host more intently and enquiring about her facial features. Plastic surgery is major news for any star, but the rumors about the girlfriend of one of the world’s richest individuals just won’t go away.

Looking at her photos, she undoubtedly appears to have undergone surgery. Her frowns and face skin appear less natural in some way. We are unable to confirm any specific type of cosmetic surgery in order to respond to the query of what plastic operations she underwent. For her youthful appearance, she might have received a Botox injection.

The 51-year-old is accused of undergoing a number of cosmetic procedures.

Additionally, it’s important to consider breast implants, lip fillers, and facelifts. The 51-year-visage old’s appears to be heavily enhanced with cosmetics. Lauren attended the LACMA film event with the previous CEO of Amazon, where her appearance was also heavily criticized.

The general public expressed their own opinions through Lipstick Alley, claiming that the news anchor’s visage appears to have undergone plastic surgery and is false. Some people have even claimed that she had cosmetic surgery done that diminished her appearance.

It has not yet been confirmed whether the actress underwent the treatments. Keep track of new information if it becomes available.

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Lauren graduated from college and started working as an anchor and reporter at a CBS affiliate in Phoenix right away after interning at a local news station in Los Angeles. She then managed to secure a position as a reporter with “Extra,” the renowned entertainment program.

At this point, Sánchez again took a different path, focusing on sports journalism and landing a job with Fox Sports Net.

She received her second Emmy nomination during this time while anchoring programs like “Going Deep.” During this time, she worked as a reporter for FSN’s “Best Damn Sports Show Period.”

Sánchez was prepared to rejoin the mainstream news industry by the late 1990s, and she won an Emmy for her work with UPN 13 News.

She made several appearances on shows during this time, and “The View” is possibly the most notable.

She ultimately came in second place in this competition. Her career advanced significantly once more in 2005 when she was named the new “So You Think You Can Dance” host. She did, however, leave the show after just one season in order to spend more time with her newborn.

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Personal Life

In Albuquerque, New Mexico, Lauren Wendy Sánchez was born into a second-generation Mexican-American family. From her relationship with former NFL tight end Tony Gonzalez, Sánchez has a kid named Nikko who was born in 2001.

She wed Patrick Whitesell, a Hollywood agent and founding member of the Endeavor talent agency, in August 2005. With Whitesell, Sanchez has two children: Evan, born in 2006, and Ella, born in 2008.

In a blog post from February 2019, the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, claimed that American Media, Inc., the company that owns the National Enquirer, had tried to extort and blackmail him for his purported relationship with Sánchez.

Sánchez and Whitesell filed for divorce in April of that year, and it was finalized in October. Sánchez is frequently referred to as Bezos’ girlfriend as of 2020.

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