Lavell Crawford Weight Loss 2023: Watch the ‘Breaking Bad’ Star Break the Sweat

Lavell Crawford has made it to the headlines yet again with his drastic transformation. The actor and comedian is known for his roles in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. Here, let’s dive into the weight loss transformation journey of Lavell Crawford.


Lavell Crawford

Date of birth

November 11, 1968


54 (as of July 20, 2023)

Net worth

$2 million


5’8″ (1.72 m)


DeShawn Crawford


Comedian, actor

Notable works

* The Late Show with David Letterman (2004-2015)
* The Office (2006-2013)
* Breaking Bad (2010-2013)
* Louie (2012-2014)
* Black-ish (2014-2019)
* The Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber (2015)
* The Stand (2020)

The weight loss journey began due to his obsession with obesity- related issues. The actor had been fighting the battle with himself over maintaining a healthy weight for years now. His efforts finally paved the way for him to walk towards his goal of a healthy lifestyle.

Lavell Crawford has struggled with obesity nearly all his life. This stature even led him so close to death that his fans, friends and family were left in tears, worried sick for the actor’s health. This is when Lavell started taking things seriously. Although he has previously tried a plethora of dietary regimes through the years, none of them worked out for him.

The Motivating Factor

In an interview about his weight loss and drastic transformation, Crawford mentioned his sister. He stated that his sister’s successful weight reduction journey truly inspired him to get to work on himself for his family and friends. Several factors led to him taking his health as a primary concern- the desire to live a long and happy life with his wife and kids was one of them, and the main reason at that.

His family was the driving force which compelled him to take his health seriously. He mentioned in numerous interviews that the love he holds for his family pushed him to take the drastic step of transforming himself for good.

“I’m 47 and I’ve got a beautiful 5-year-old son that I want to be around for. I’ve got a beautiful wife that I want to be here for. I don’t want to leave her hanging.”

Weight Loss Journey

When Lavell Crawford first began his weight loss journey, he weighed 475 pounds. At this point, Crawford needed to work really hard and was required to burn 3,035 calories to maintain a healthy weight.

Here are the steps the actor took on his journey to a healthy physical life:

Gastric Sleeve Treatment

The actor cum comedian decided to begin his journey with a little medical help and went on to get gastric sleeve treatment. As per what he told during his interviews, ‘half of his stomach’ was taken away with the gastric sleeve treatment.

“When you listen to your wife and your blood pressure, you’ve got to change some things. I’m walking and doing some medical things.”

To give you a better look at what the treatment looks like, here is a video attached of the whole process. The surgery restricts the capacity of one’s stomach. This enables the person going through the procedure to consume fewer calories post-treatment.

The medical treatment made the fans worried for it is usual for a medical procedure to have some everlasting side effects. However, we can’t deny the benefits of the same. So, here are some of the benefits of gastric sleeve surgery:

  • decrease in hunger
  • shorter recovery period than with gastric bypass.
  • not a rerouting of the intestines.
  • lowers the chance of nutritional deficits.
  • compared to gastric bypass, fewer daily vitamins are required after surgery.
  • because the intestines are unharmed, the pylorus is unharmed and sugars have time to break down.
  • no modifications are required. The Lap Band needs to be adjusted frequently (doctor visits).
  • nothing foreign remains inside the body. Your upper stomach is left with a silicone band after getting a lap band.
  • weight loss occurs over 18 months. Gastric bypass weight loss is very quick. The majority of weight loss occurs in the first year.

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Gym Paved The Way

Along with the medical help, what really helped Crawford was his dedication and efforts towards weight reduction. Lavell Crawford joined a gym as well. He spent a considerable time at the gym and worked on his routine weight-lifting exercise and jogs. He further maintained his weight loss by staying physically active and engaging in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

“Gym is a really difficult place for someone like me, but I have sworn never to return.”

Lavell Crawford exercise

Diet Plan

“I’ve got up sugar and I lost 40 pounds. The thing about it is, I’m diabetic and my legs are swelling up from time to time, and my blood pressure is a little high.  So, I don’t want to anything where one day you’re walking down the street eating a hot dog and you fall out dead and someone says, ‘See, I knew that was going to happen.’”

Following the course of weight loss with utmost seriousness and dedication, Lavell Crawford also consulted a physician who suggested he follow a three-month sugar- free diet. This enabled him to shed a considerable weight of 75 pounds just within three months.

“I’m coming up! The Neighborhood Awards had me around food for the past four or five years: best barbecue, best soul food…now I’m presenting in a category that doesn’t have food in it. I’m on the come up!”.

Lavell Crawford Before

The Transformation

In an interview Lavell Crawford gave in 2012, he asserted his new resolution to give up entirely on his weariness. He also confessed that his age made him more alarmed about his obesity and unhealthy lifestyle.

This compelled him to undertake extreme steps including rigorous exercise and workouts, and vigorous diet. Losing weight was not only crucial for his physical health but also for his mental health.

Lavell Crawford Current Weight

Lavell Crawford

Lavell Crawford was successful in achieving his desired weight of 115 kg. With his dedication and will, he shed 260 pounds and came closer to his goal of leading a healthy life. At the present time, his body mass index is 35.6 m/kg2, which has significantly reduced from earlier 52.4 m/kg2.

“It’s taken me my entire life to be here. I am still experiencing it, and I am not yet finished. I have no plans to depart from my healthy regimen.”