Laz Alonso on Mother’s Milk and The Soldier Boy Finale Moment in “The Boys”

the Boys': Laz Alonso on Mother's Milk and Soldier Boy Finale Moment

The satisfying, much-anticipated encounter between Mother’s Milk and Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) in the season three finale is discussed by “The Boys” star Laz Alonso.

The fact that you don’t need superpowers to be a hero is one of the key plot themes for the Boys’ side of this, according to Alonso, making this a significant moment. You don’t need to have this incredible edge to perform an act of bravery or to help someone else.

An all-out battle at Vought Tower brings to a close some of the season’s main plotlines, including Soldier Boy’s desire to find every member of his previous team Payback and the Boys’ goal to murder The Seven leader Homelander (Antony Starr). In the Thursday night finale, two fights take place at once.

It’s finally time for Queen Maeve (Dominique McElligott), who has been practicing for months in anticipation of her confrontation with Homelander. Additionally, Butcher (Karl Urban), who has improved skills as a result of utilizing the temporary compound V, engages in combat with Soldier Boy for injuring Ryan (Cameron Crovetti) and refusing to back off.

Just when Butcher is about to be killed by the supe’s shield, Mother’s Milk and Annie January/Starlight (Erin Moriarty), both of whom were at odds with him due to a deal he struck with Solider Boy, join the fight.

The rest of the group pitches in to assist Soldier Boy being defeated because he possesses unbreakable skin and the ability to fire devastating radiation blasts. Eventually, Soldier Boy is held still by Kimiko and Starlight, giving Mother’s Milk the delight of covering him with the neurotoxic mask.

Soldier Boy is told by Mother’s Milk, “You ain’t no hero.” “We can’t seem to get rid of you; you’re just another racist piece of garbage. For my family, please.”

Mother’s Milk, who has been tormented by Soldier Boy’s presence for the entire season because the supe slaughtered his family, deserves this moment. Some of the Boys submitted to V24 in order to level the playing field in the conflict with the supes, but Mother’s Milk was rejected due to his strict moral code.

the Boys': Laz Alonso on Mother's Milk and Soldier Boy Finale Moment

The aforementioned scene, according to Alonso, emphasizes the idea that “what counts is your courage to lay it all on the line for those around you.”

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It doesn’t matter if you possess this power or that power, he declared. “Yes, it does. Because we all needed one another at that particular time, however, what you saw in that scene was everyone rising to the occasion as a unit.”

The ultimate sacrifice is made by Maeve as she jumps out the window with Soldier Boy, who is about to gain strength and is probably going to kill everyone. Soldier Boy is returned to a containment cell, Maeve lives, but she is now powerless due to the compound V that Soldier Boy’s blast burned out in her body.

Mother’s Milk ultimately tells his daughter Janine the truth about their family’s history and the part the supe played in it after defeating Soldier Boy. Janine responds by stating that he is her hero to Mother’s Milk.

Although Alonso is unsure of Mother’s Milk’s future plans, he anticipates that his character will interact with Annie more as she will be officially joining the Boys near the end of the finale.

The actress stated, “Now that she’s there, everybody can kind of couple up and have their wingman and wing woman, so to speak. I’m really thrilled that she did because you always had Frenchie and Kimiko, you always have Butcher and Hughie, and Mother’s Milk was always kind of a floater.”

He continued, “She was kind of the Mother’s Milk of the supes when it came to the moral core. Therefore, it only seems logical that the two individuals who are currently the most morally upright will join forces.

According to Alonso, Mother’s Milk and Annie “inadvertently became lightning in a bottle,” becoming unlikely but delicious partners in crime.

In season three, when “they have to rely on one other and trust each other,” the actor noted that viewers “truly appreciated the chemistry between the two characters,” so Kripke wanted to maintain that. Temporary V, which Vought has been covertly producing this season, is still a problem.

The whole moral compass of the Boys has always been against superheroes and against V and how it creates a society of haves and have not, so if we hold onto it as a plot point, Mother’s Milk is going to have to be incredibly confronting to people who are taking it, according to Alonso.

He said, “And now that we’re among the possessors, how does it change our moral compass? “What psychological effects does that have? How do we act right now? Do we begin to resemble them? I believe that the Temporary V will unquestionably provide the Boys with a brand-new set of internal difficulties.” The complete third season of “The Boys” is available to stream on Prime Video.

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