Leigh Mcnasty Controversy- The Mastermind Behind Tiktok’s Snapping Turtle Sensation Interview!

leigh mcnasty controversy

Meet Leigh McClendon, one of my new favorite people. He’s the coolest teacher we’ve ever met. He is a fourth-grade teacher at a Shreveport elementary school who injects laughter into our lives through daily encounters with his children. Leigh isn’t just trying to be the finest instructor ever; he’s done over 1,000 films, and his dedication and hilarity are appreciated. On TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, he goes by the handle Leigh monastery.

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If you go back two years to when Leigh mc nasty first started on TikTok, you’ll see that he used to post about hunting. However, during his first year of teaching, he began posting teacher skits, and his TikTok fame exploded.

Of course, we wanted Leigh to help out with the radio station, so we assigned him to co-host Chica and the Bald Guy while Bald Guy was away with his family. Listeners could submit questions, and Leigh, of course, kept everyone entertained.

Leigh Mcnasty, the Mastermind Behind Tiktok’s Snapping Turtle Sensation Interview

leigh mcnasty controversy

With his humorous sketches as TikTok’s “over-caring instructor” and the viral Snapping Turtle, Leigh McNasty has amassed nearly 1.2 million followers.

The 27-year-old from Shreveport, Louisiana, is without a doubt the most passionate creator. Who else would be willing to cram himself into animal costumes and splash around in muddy water? I should also mention that these costumes are far too tiny for him.

With 4.7 million views, Leigh’s debut chapter of his Snapping Turtle series has become his most popular TikTok to date. It’s not the kind of snapping you’re thinking of if you haven’t seen it!

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He’s also known for his ‘over-caring teacher’ plays, which comes as no surprise given his background as an elementary school teacher. HITC chatted with Leigh about how he comes up with his amusing ideas and what occurred when his students found out about his TikTok popularity.

How Did You Get Into Tiktok and What Made You Decide to Start It in January 2020?

Leigh: I was on Twitter when I saw a friend’s TikTok video, so I downloaded the app to see what it was like, but I’ve always liked making films and skits.

I went out deer hunting and had an encounter with some hogs, so I spontaneously produced a comedy about it, uploaded it, and it did fairly well!

How Comedian Leigh Mc Clendon of Shreveport Became Famous on Tik Tok

A Shreveport guy dressed as a pig had a futuristic concept while attracting wild pigs from his treestand: I should shoot my first TikTok. Leigh McClendon, 27, now has 2.2 million followers on Instagram.

On that social media app, it’s common practice to pursue your successful niche, and McClendon did just that, purchasing more costumes and producing hunting-themed videos as turtle, pig, deer, squirrel, chicken, dog, cat, turkey, crawfish, corn, and cow – with captions like “just a squirrel and his nuts” and plot lines depicting squirrels punishing dogs for their “war crimes.”

“I’ve tested out loads of video things,” says McClendon, who goes by the online handle Leigh McNasty. “I’ve posted videos of myself singing, and some of them have gotten millions of views,” McClendon said, referring to one opera-style TikTok that received 50,000 followers, including McClendon’s all-time favorite musician, Josh Groban. Haley McClendon, his younger sister, thinks he’ll be the next Seth Rogan or Chris Pratt, citing his good-natured playfulness and long brown hair as attributes of movie heartthrobs.

leigh mcnasty controversy

“This is the first time he’s ever washed his hair.” Now that he has fans and things, he actually uses shampoo and conditioner. “I’m proud of him,” Haley expressed her admiration. Trevor Jones, a long-time buddy who claims to make five figures a month playing Fortnite and other video games, believes McClendon will be much bigger.

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“He’ll be a larger internet star than a movie star,” Jones said. “There’s nothing more strong than viral power.” McClendon got the concept for TikTok from hunting. His job as an elementary school teacher spawned a slew of “Kids Say the Darndest Things”-style content, in which McClendon alternates between playing a frightened teacher and a cartwheeling, belly-exposed student. That’s where he’s gotten much of his success.

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