Leva Bonaparte Weight Loss: A Before and After Look at All About the Entrepreneur and TV Personality!

Leva is a regular on the hit American reality show Southern Charm, shown on Bravo TV. Seven Charleston, South Carolina, socialites who all happen to reside in the same neighborhood are the focus of a reality show called Southern Charm.

Leva Bonaparte has been affiliated with the program since its 2020 debut, but the show itself was released in 2014.

Bravo’s show follows the newlywed’s Leva and Lamar as they settle into their new home and community. In the series, Leva had second thoughts about expanding her family. Leva Bonaparte is juggling four restaurants and rearing a youngster.

Leva Bonaparte has to go to counseling to combat the emotional strain all of this has had on her.

Leva Bonaparte Weight Loss In 2022

Leva Bonaparte Weight Loss

Body shaming became an issue for Leva Bonaparte, and she revealed it on Instagram. Bonaparte is an upbeat person, so she accepted the criticism of her body in stride and fired back at her critics online.

Leva shared a picture on Instagram in which she said that despite being told that she looks overweight on camera, she still thinks she’s adorable. All body types are welcome, she wrote in the same post.

Leva Bonaparte went on to say and affirm that she put on weight during the year of Covid-19 as a result of the stress she endured for both professional and personal reasons. She had some self-doubt, but that didn’t stop her from going after the things she wanted.

She also mentioned that physical changes are something that all women experience after having children. But after giving birth to a son, Leva Bonaparte was content with her body and the way she looked.

Leva Bonaparte Weight Loss

Leva went into greater depth about her weight loss progress in another Instagram post. She described herself as an introvert who considers the inner workings of the human mind and body to be highly personal and holy. Nonetheless, she is inundated with questions from her admirers and follows about how she managed to shed the pounds so quickly.

When asked about her physique change on Southern Charm, Leva Bonaparte said that she had never had elective surgery before.

She has always paid close attention to what she puts into her body, how she moves her body, and how much water she drinks. The inability to conceive was the first sign of trouble. Being in her mid-30s and unable to conceive caused her a lot of stress and prodding from doctors.

She tried different hormone treatments to help her get pregnant. Leva gained 15 pounds as a result of her medical care.


She gained weight during her therapy, but she was glad about it because she was able to conceive and have a baby.

Leva had poor food choices during her pregnancy. Leva Bonaparte put on a whopping 70 pounds throughout her pregnancy because of her poor diet.

Thankfully, Leva was able to shed three-quarters of the weight she had accumulated during her pregnancy after giving birth.

Leva went on to say that she found it quite challenging to shed the baby’s weight. She finally reconciled herself to the fact that she would never again be able to successfully shed the excess pounds she had gained and moved on with her life.

And shedding the extra quarter-pound was not high on her list of priorities.

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How Did Leva Bonaparte Lose Weight?


Leva accepted the fact that she would not be able to reduce the weight she had gained while pregnant and giving birth to her son. But things shifted during the Covid Pandemic. She put on even more weight, reaching a new personal record. She was going through a very trying period.

Leva Bonaparte decided it was time for her to make some adjustments to her body since she had had enough. Leva Bonaparte, who wanted to get into better shape, began practicing cardio for forty minutes, five days a week. She altered her diet by cutting out carbohydrates. Leva’s efforts paid off, and she lost about 20 pounds.

Leva had lost some weight, but she still had problems maintaining a healthy weight. The pregnancy and subsequent delivery had changed her physique, and she felt as though she had not yet recovered from the changes. Leva wanted to see a doctor about it, so she scheduled an appointment with Dr. Clayton Crantford, a plastic surgeon.

Leva was initially quite skeptical and anxious before her appointment with the doctor. After meeting Dr. Clayton, though, she felt entirely at ease and trusted his advice. Leva Bonaparte has also expressed her satisfaction with her altered physique and appearance.


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Leva Bonaparte Husband

Leva Bonaparte Weight Loss

She is a wife to Lamar and a mother to their son, Lamar Jr. Lamar. Leva’s husband, Lamar, is also cheering her on as she attempts to shed pounds.

Leva stated in an interview, “My spouse has been incredibly supportive throughout my weight loss journey. His constant support and pride in my achievements motivate me to keep moving forward.

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