Lexi Reed Weight Loss: She Stated “Lost Quite a Bit of Weight,” But Admits it’s “Bittersweet”

As a weight loss influencer, Lexi Reed frequently talks about going to the gym, eating well, and sharing her weight reduction updates in her Instagram posts. So it was “Bittersweet” when she revealed on Sunday that she had lost weight, but solely due to her chronic health issues.

After suffering kidney failure in January, Reed, 31, has had to contend with significant side effects. Since then, there have been many highs and lows, including finishing dialysis treatments and having to return to the hospital because of severe leg and stomach discomfort that turned out to be calcinosis, an uncommon complication of renal failure that results in calcium deposits around the joints.

Reed stated that she wished she could revisit her earlier posts about improving her health in an update to her Instagram Story.


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She remarked, “I miss my weight loss content, but my major focus is recuperating. I continue to pay attention to how I feed my body and resist letting my emotions rule, though.

Lexi Reed, who had previously acknowledged that the epidemic had made it difficult for her to maintain the more than 300 pounds she had shed over the years, said that she is in fact dropping weight, but not in the way she had hoped.

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She stated, “I have lost quite an amount of weight, which is bittersweet, and the pounds have probably decreased because I’ve lost muscle, fluid, etc.”

lexi reed weight loss

In addition, the influencer responded to queries from her fans, including one asking if she missed working out.

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“I miss the gym 100 percent, but I also miss walking, driving, not being in pain, shopping, spending time with friends and family at events, dressing, cooking, and just feeling like myself in general before everything all suddenly went south,” she added. “I never anticipated any of this. Even with tears in my eyes, I will continue to battle for my health since this is not how I want to live.”

Lexi Reed said that her symptoms had “Become worse and more severe” recently, and she is seeing a new doctor this week to seek a second opinion on her calcinosis treatment choices.

We were told that it may very well continue to decline, so this is just what I’m personally fighting right now, she said.

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