Li Ziqi Net Worth: How Much Has This Person Made In 2022!

li ziqi net worth

LiZiqi is a Chinese internet personality, YouTuber, and business mogul. LiZiqi is the girl who holds the Guinness World Record for having the most subscribers for a Chinese-language YouTube channel. LiZiqi has a net worth of $10 million as of July 2022.

Personal Information:

Real name Li Ziqi
Liziqi Net Worth $10 million
Famous For Traditional Chinese culinary arts
Family Name Li
Birth Date/ Birthday 6th July 1990
Birth Place Mianyang, China
Liziqi height 5 ft
Liziqi age 31
Nationality Chinese
Occupation Food Vlogger, culinary artist, YouTuber

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Li Ziqi’s Early Life and Childhood

li ziqi net worth

Li Ziqi, a popular food vlogger from Sichuan, China, had a difficult upbringing. Her early childhood was marred by her parents’ divorce. She was forced to reside with her grandparents at the time. According to Li Ziqi’s story updates, her grandfather encouraged her to pursue her cooking skills.

He was a better teacher because he used to cook at village events. Later, Li Ziqi relocated to the city to work and improve his living conditions. Li Ziqi spent 7-8 years there. Her grandmother’s sudden illness compelled her to return to her village. Li Ziqi began to appreciate a calm existence and decided to stay.

Li Ziqi had always aspired to raise her family’s living standards. As a result, Li Ziqi decided to try something else.

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LiZiqi’s Professional Career.

Liziqi began posting films in 2015, inspired by her passion for traditional food and artistic endeavors. She shot the video by herself with an iPhone 6. Liziqi received little notice, but she continued to publish movies until her video titled peach wine caught the attention of meipei, a Chinese internet platform, in 2016.

Her video was published on the platform’s first page, and her channel started gaining new subscribers. This was Liziqi’s best moment; the peaceful music and the art of enchanting nature made the route to superstardom. Liziqi will be well-known all across the world by 2022.

Is Li Ziqi a married woman?

According to the Li Ziqi relationship discoveries, there is no information regarding Li Ziqi’s husband. She is currently single and has no previous relationship history.

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Liziqi Net Worth

LiZiqi is the popular Chinese vlogger and YouTuber Li. Liziqi Net Worth is estimated to be at $10 million in 2022. She is a Chinese internet sensation, YouTuber, and entrepreneur.

LiZiqi is well-known as the girl who broke the Genius World Record. She received the award for having the most subscribers for a Chinese-language YouTube channel. Li Ziqi, a Chinese food vlogger, is from the southwest China countryside. She is well-known for both her artistic and traditional Chinese cooking abilities

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