Lil Kim’s Plastic Surgery Nearly Ruined Her Career

Lil Kim has become one of the most influential figures in the history of women in rap, and she is rightfully considered a rap legend.
Her career has taken off after her ex-boyfriend, the late rapper Biggie Smalls, discovered her.

Her Spectacular New Look

lil kim before surgery

Over the years, Lil Kim underwent numerous cosmetic procedures, resulting in a paler complexion, higher cheekbones, a smaller nose, and other noticeable differences that she flaunted on red carpets and in interviews. The rapper was obviously splitting her time between the music studio and the plastic surgeon’s office.

Lil Kim injured her nose in a fight with ex-boyfriend Biggie, and she eventually admitted to obtaining many nose operations in a 2005 interview. She denied, however, that any additional work was completed. Her skin has been bleached, and that much is clear.

While the rapper frequently cast doubt on surgical claims, doctors and average folks aren’t convinced. “It’s evident that there has been some skin bleaching,” said Dr. Jennifer Levine, a plastic surgeon who has not treated the artist.

She has likely used chemicals with very high dosages of acids on her face in addition to high-acid creams, Dr. Levine said. Why, therefore, did the rapper want to have all these drastic measures taken?

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Over and over, she heard that she wasn’t pretty enough

lil kim before surgery

The unfortunate success of the rapper may be attributable to the fact that she is desperately attempting to meet the unattainable beauty standards that are constantly promoted by the media. Her insecurities are exacerbated by the male figures in her life.

“Men have always told me I’m not pretty enough,” the rapper claims. Everyone I dated was male. She moaned, “And I’d be like, Well, why are you with me then?” “Men have put me down my entire life, just like my dad did.”

Is Lil Kim a Plastic Surgery Sham? What Sort of Plastic Surgery Has Lil Kim Had?

As the years have passed, the rapper Lil Kim has become less and less recognizable, fueling rumors that she has undergone plastic surgery.

She discussed the surgery she underwent on her nose back in 2005 when she gave an interview with Hot 97’s Angie Martinez when she revealed that she had been in an abusive relationship that had resulted in a fractured nose.

The ‘Magic Stick’ rapper said she had previously had surgery to “repair it,” but that her abusive relationship had left her with a “broken nose, black eyes, all that stuff,” requiring additional procedures to correct.

As for why she sought to change her face, she said in the same interview, “I suppose I did it because I was a little too vain at the time.” This led to widespread speculation that she had also undergone breast augmentation, chin and cheek fillers, and an eye lift.

As the saying goes, “[I was] striving for perfection. The surgeon admitted, “I’m a perfectionist,” and that she could be “extreme” at times.

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She Wanted to Cover up Her Scars

lil kim before surgery

It would appear that the musician has had to defend herself against comments regarding her appearance ever since she first gained public attention. Lil Kim revealed in 2005 that Biggie had fractured her nose during one of their fights. The connection, she said, had left her with:

“Bloody nose, black eyes, the works.” When asked about her struggles with self-esteem, she said that every time she felt better about herself, her partner would attack her again. She reportedly underwent many MRIs after saying, “He beat me up so bad I couldn’t even move.”

She Used Plastic Surgery as A Way to “cheat.”

For the musician, self-love has been an uphill battle ever since she broke free from her abusive relationships. Now that she’s reached a certain point in her life, though, she’s free to do as she pleases. Even so, she finally arrived, although not before much delay.

In the beginning, plastic surgery was a response to physical conflict. However, Kim developed a minor addiction to the knife and underwent additional surgeries for reasons unconnected to her initial injuries. She altered her appearance in whichever way she fancied.

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The Cheaters Were European-Looking Women.

Lil Kim admitted around the turn of the century that she had been self-conscious her entire life. The artist claims that despite her boyfriends’ assurances of their love, they continued to cheat on her with “European-looking” women.

Long-haired people, she clarified. Kim claimed she was never able to feel whole as merely a “normal Black girl,” and that so long as she looked the way she did, she would “never be good enough.”


Kimberly Lil’ Kim, whose real name is Denise Jones, is a famous American rapper and reality show star. The legendary relationship between Biggie and Lil Kim lasted from 1993 to 1997, when the ‘Juicy’ rapper was shot and died. After Biggie smashed her nose in an ugly fight, Lil Kim finally acknowledged having plastic surgery done on her nose. She denied, however, that any additional work was completed.