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English Actress and Television Presenter Linda Robson Net Worth, Career & Personal Life

Linda Robson Net Worth

Linda Robson Net Worth

Linda Robson, who is best remembered for her role as Tracey Stubbs in Birds of a Feather, has a long and varied acting resume.

She has also been on numerous television shows, including Loose Women on ITV.

Linda, who made her television debut on Junket 89, has worked on a wide variety of projects, including various reality shows and game shows.

As a result of her appearances in several magazines and interviews, she has gained considerable notoriety in the United Kingdom’s media.

Net Worth of Linda Robson

Linda Robson is one of the wealthiest and most popular television actresses in the world. According to our research, Linda Robson’s net worth is estimated at $1.5 million, based on information from Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.

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Who Is Linda Robson?

As a child, Linda Robson began her acting career in Barking, London, where she grew up.

Among her accomplishments were founding Ecclesbourne Primary School and the Anna Scher Theatre School.

She and her family have lived in London’s Islington neighborhood for many years.

Although Pauline Quirke, her mother, died in August of that year, she was reincarnated and she began performing on stage and television after her mother’s death.

Pauline Quirke and Robert William Robson co-starred in the children’s television series Junket 89 in 1976.

In the second season of Survivors, she played a young girl named Robson. As well as the short-lived sitcom L for Lester and the film Harry’s Game.

Short films by Linda Robson, such as The Crezz and Shine on Harvey Moon, are also part of her extensive resume.

Who’s Linda Robson Dating?

Linda Robson and Mark Dunford got married in 1990. Linda Robson hasn’t been seen with anyone else.

Linda Robson’s past partnerships have not been recorded by us. Linda Robson’s dating history could use some assistance!

Occasionally, BBC London 94.9 will have Robson on as a special guest host. Lisa, the hypochondriac mother of Luke (Daniel Mays), was played by her in Alexander Kirk’s drama Told You I Was Ill, the second episode of the BBC Radio 4 series Living with Mother in November 2012.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Linda Robson is a who?
Ans. He or she is an English actress and television host.

Linda Robson is married to whom?
Yes, Mark Dunford.

Q.3 What is Linda Robson’s current age?
Answer: I’m 63 years old.

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