Lisa Hochstein Divorce- the Real Housewives of Atlanta Appear to Be in The Midst of A Breakup Season

lisa hochstein divorce

Lisa Marie Hochstein (born July 24, 1982) is a Canadian reality television actress who is best known for her role on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Miami (RHOM). Hochstein grew up in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

She was a trained dancer as a child and began competing in pageants and modelling at a young age. Hochstein first appeared on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Miami in 2012, and she was a regular cast member for the second and third seasons.

In 2002, she has crowned Miss Swimsuit Canada. She began her modelling career by competing in beauty pageants. She was a Playboy companion. She is also a model, fitness guru, fashionista, and beauty expert.

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As Season 5 of Rhom Films Begins, Lisa Hochstein and Her Husband Lenny Are Rumoured to Be Divorcing

lisa hochstein divorce

The Real Housewives of Atlanta appear to be in the midst of a breakup season.

The Real Housewives of Potomac isn’t the only Bravo series “suffering from an on-camera divorce,” according to a new article from Queens of Bravo. It turns out that one of the Real Housewives of Miami’s couples is also going through a divorce.

“I’m hearing this long-term #RHOM marriage is finished, and he’s already been seen with someone new,” says the source. Yes, it will be discussed [on camera],” Queens of Bravo confirms. Bravo followers soon put the pieces together and concluded that the pair in question was Lisa and Lenny Hochstein.

The two haven’t shared a photo together since April 11. Loveland of Twitter also provided a clip from RHOM titled “Exhibit A.”

According to The Account, Lenny “hates” Lisa

This RHOM pair is no stranger to marital difficulties. During the early years of RHOM, Lisa and Lenny’s marriage had some major ups and downs due to serious fertility troubles. They eventually produced two healthy children, but not before nearly terminating their relationship.

Between seasons of RHOM, Lenny had an “emotional affair” with his wife that nearly wrecked their marriage.

“We were on the verge of getting divorced, and it was heartbreaking.” During their split, Lenny had an emotional affair with some two-dollar hoe,” Lisa revealed in one of her confessional interviews.

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Lenny “came grovelling back and it was the best decision of his life,” she claimed.

However, it appears that their marriage is now permanently over. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens in Season 5 of RHOM.

After a club showdown,’ ‘RHOM actors Lisa and Lenny Hochstein stir breakup rumours. According to Page Six exclusively, “Real Housewives of Miami” stars Lisa and Lenny Hochstein had a “showdown” at a nightclub on Saturday, however, the plastic surgeon denies they are parting up.

According to a source, Lenny, 55, was partying with model Katharina Mazepa at the new Miami hotspot Gala when Lisa, 39, arrived after 1 a.m. with co-star Larsa Pippen by her side.

“They were all there, and there were words,” the source says, adding, “and a drink was thrown.”

“There was a showdown at Gala Miami this weekend,” another insider claims, adding Lenny strolled in with his “new girlfriend. The second report adds, “Lisa got in her face and yelled at her.” Peacock was not filming for “RHOM” at the time of the event, according to the first source.

Lisa was “shocked by what she witnessed,” a source close to her told Page Six on Wednesday, and is “trying to figure out what’s next and best for her and her kids.”
According to the source, Lisa and Lenny were “trying to work things out,” but after this weekend, things “spiralled.”

Lenny, on the other hand, disputes that he and Lisa are splitting up, telling Page Six via email: “Not true. “Good try, though.”

Lisa did not reply to several attempts for comment from Page Six. Her publicist declined to comment.

A fan account called Queens of Bravo also alleged that a pair from “RHOM” is on their way to Splitsville.

“Looks like the #RHOP isn’t the only one coping with an on-camera divorce,” the post said, alluding to Ashley and Michael Darby’s split on “Real Housewives of Potomac.”

“I’m hearing this long-term #RHOM marriage is finished, and he’s already been seen with someone new,” says the source. And, absolutely, it will be discussed.”

Lisa and Lenny’s Marriage Has Been Fraught with Difficulties

lisa hochstein divorce

Years before they welcomed their two children, Logan, 6, and Elle, 2, through a surrogate, the Bravo-turned-Peacock star said in December 2021 that the self-proclaimed “Boob God” had “emotionally cheated” on her when she was struggling to get pregnant.

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“We were on the verge of getting divorced, and it was heartbreaking.” Lenny had this emotional romance with some $2 hoe during this separation,” Lisa revealed in Season 4 of the reality show.

“He came grovelling back, and that was the best decision of his life,” she added.

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