Live Audio Rooms: Facebook Announces Worldwide Availability

Facebook announced today, 11/10/2000/ an update on social experiences audio on the platform. Following the launch of Live Audio Rooms in the United States in June this year, Facebook now announces the global launch of this product to public figures and creators, as well as to groups around the world.

O Facebook has been listening to feedback from the community and its partners, and will continue to build its audio tools and promote innovative connections on the platform.

Facebook Live Audio Rooms

Live Audio Rooms: see what’s new available in Portugal:

  • Live Audio Rooms available for public figures + creators worldwide: As of today, all verified public figures and creators will have the ability to perform Live Audio Rooms. This builds on the launch made in the United States earlier this year, and Facebook has found it to be a great tool for a smooth connection and conversation between various types of communities.
  • Live Audio Rooms available for groups: Facebook is also launching the ability for Facebook groups to create Live Audio Rooms

    – giving you access to an easy way to build deeper engagement with your community.

    Android + Desktop Test:

    Facebook is also testing the ability to create a Live Audio Room on Android, and the ability to listen on the desktop.

    With the time, the plan is to expand this availability: Facebook’s goal is to eventually enable all public figures, groups, as well as wider creators and partners – to create a Live Au Room

    Facebook is excited to continue to build social experiences to give to the creators and communities more tools to connect, as well as helping people discover new voices they’ve never heard before and exchange ideas with each other.

    For more information about Live Audio Rooms follow this link

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