Live experiences become the new must-have with online casinos leading the way

Live experiences become the new must-have with online casinos leading the way

There are many elements that make going to a live performance a worthwhile experience, but also many considerations. Should I drive or use public transport? What should I wear?

While for some this process of preparation is part of the fun, for others it’s a hassle they could do without. For those that want a hassle-free life, the good news is that increasingly live-action is coming to you, particularly in the world of online casinos where the number of live games available continues to grow. 

Play live

Online casinos are always quick to adopt tech trends or changes in consumer behavior that can increase their bottom line. We’ve seen this previously with mobile optimization, accepting digital wallets, and the emergence of crypto casinos. Offering live games appears to be the new requirement in the competitive industry of online casinos and this has reached new heights at as the live format is extended to include slots.

Crazy Coin Flip by developers Evolution Gaming is seeking success with its new game that is a hybrid of slot and the increasingly popular live game show experience. Players play the game as a regular slot but aim to land three scatter symbols in one spin to qualify for the live Coin Flip bonus round. When the top-up phase is completed and all the multipliers have been added up, the live host will pull a lever to flip the coin and punters discover if it’s their lucky day. 

We’ve already seen live dealers become phenomenally popular with classic casino games such as blackjack, roulette, and baccarat, but the addition of a live element to slots is untried and will be watched with interest. 

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Watch live

Live streaming continues to be the way forward for YouTube as they introduce a live stream guest option. Called Go Live Together, the feature will allow creators to invite a guest to join their live stream by simply sending a link. During the live stream, only the host will have access to streaming analytics and the guest’s user and channel information will be hidden. The ability to invite guests should greatly help content creators who possibly find moments of struggle as a solo broadcaster and could result in content being monetized, depending on the quality of the guest’s contribution.

YouTube’s evolving commitment to live streaming also sees the introduction of live rings, which inform viewers when a channel is about to go live. Additionally, a new Q&A feature will allow viewers to raise questions during a live stream and more live streamers will be able to go full-screen. YouTubes’ Digital Events Playbook can be found at and provides all the necessary information for any budding creators that have an idea for a live channel. 

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Listen live

In a similar vein, the Spotify Live app available at spotify allows fans to attend their favorite podcasts during recording. There is increasing demand for live audio or live video format podcasts and the Spotify app allows users to create their own live chatrooms to communicate with other fans as the broadcast plays. Although podcasters possibly need to be a little more careful in their utterances, there’s really no downside to going live as the broadcast can be recorded, repurposed, and distributed afterward. 

This move to live podcasts does represent a shift to be more like a typical radio show than the traditional podcast, but for those able to tune in live, the community feeling is appealing. Going live is beneficial for the creator as recording live is a rush and the format will be particularly well suited for covering big events as they unfold.

Just a few examples of how being live is becoming a more attractive option for entertainment and something that creators should be aware of when planning their content. Live casino games are expressly becoming the norm and the popularity of these games could see the first fully live online casino coming soon. 

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