The Transformation of Liver King – Decoding His ‘Before’ and ‘After’ Look!

Liver Kings Abs have been the center of attention in fitness and bodybuilding this year. He has also shared a ‘before’ picture of himself on Instagram. Are they ab implants? Is it Ab etching or shaping?

Who is Liver King?

Liver King – whose real name is Brian Johnson, was born on April 7, 1977, in Texas. He is an American influencer.

He posted his first-ever TikTok video in August 2021. Since then has built up a huge following on social media and is one of the most popular influencers on the app.

liver king before and after

As of October 2022, he has 3.3 million followers on TikTok, and 1.7 million on Instagram. In his viral videos on TikTok and Instagram, the bodybuilder can be seen eating raw meat (mainly liver) as part of his hardcore diet.

Liver King is married to Barbara Johnson, who also goes by Liver Queen. She can often be seen in the background of his videos on TikTok and Instagram.
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liver king before and after

Barbra works as a dental specialist, and also follows her husbands ancestral lifestyle.
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What did Liver King look like when he was younger?

In November 2021 Liver King posted a throwback picture of himself as a teenager.

The liver eater shows off a stunning physique, but with a lot less muscles than he does now.

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liver king before and after

In the picture,  he is also clean shaved with neat short hair.

The picture was taken from when he was around 15-years-old. He points out that it was taken before he could “legally drive” – in the US you can drive from 16.

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Speculations About Fake Abs!

Along with being accused of using steroids, people have speculated LK’s washboard abs were actually a result of implants.

In hopes of putting an end to all the speculation, Liver King hit up Dr. Daniel Barrett, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, to administer a series of tests. Dr. Daniel confirmed that Brian’s abs are natural.

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“I have an obligation to my tribe (you)… to take massive goddam action and do whatever it takes to earn back your trust,” Johnson wrote on Instagram.

For what it’s worth, once he got caught, Brian admitted that he used steroids.He said that he “f***ed up” and that he “misled a lot of people.”

So, even though the abs are real, Liver King has admitted to using steroids. This helped him to build up his body to how it looks like today.

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