Liz Truss Controversy: Liz Truss Is a Thatcher Successor Who Wants to Transform Britain

According to a number of estimates, Mary Elizabeth Truss, a British politician, will have a net worth of $10 million by the year 2022. Her salary is close to $450,000 a year.

For several months now, there has been widespread speculation in political circles that Liz Truss wants to be president. Following the resignation of Boris Johnson earlier this month, she declared her intent to run for prime minister.

Truss stated that she is anticipating lowering corporation tax and rolling back the National Insurance increase.

Liz Truss Controversy

In London, Liz Truss participated in protests against Margaret Thatcher when she was a young girl. She developed an admiration for Britain’s first female prime minister as an adult, and she is set to take office at No. 10 Downing Street with a Thatcherite enthusiasm to change the country.

Britain’s foreign secretary, Truss, was declared the winner on Monday in the race to succeed the scandal-plagued Boris Johnson as leader of the Conservative Party and prime minister of the nation.

According to the party, Truss received around 57% of the votes from Conservative members, as opposed to 43% for former Treasury Secretary Rishi Sunak.

After Thatcher, who led Britain from 1979 to 1990, and Theresa May, who presided from 2016 to 2019, Truss, 47, will be the country’s third female prime minister.

Members of the Conservative Party have embraced Truss’ promises to reduce taxes and bureaucracy while maintaining Britain’s steadfast support for Ukraine. Some others perceive Thatcher’s “Iron Lady” persona in Truss’ idea of a global “network of liberty” connecting democracies.

The right-wing policies of Truss, according to his detractors, won’t help Britain weather the economic instability brought on by the epidemic, Brexit, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Truss and libertarian journalist Mark Littlewood have been friends since their days at Oxford. Littlewood described Truss as a “radical” who, like Thatcher, wants to “roll back the intrusion of the state” in people’s lives.

He predicted “a lot of pyrotechnics, a lot of debate, and a lot of activity.”

Mary Elizabeth Truss, who was born in Oxford in 1975, is the daughter of a math professor and a nurse. When she was a young kid, her parents took her to anti-nuclear and anti-Thatcher marches, where she recalls yelling, “Maggie, Maggie, Maggie — out, out, out!”

In a speech from 2018, she said that she started forming her political opinions at a young age by “arguing against my socialist parents in our left-wing household.”

Before relocating to Leeds in northern England, the family lived in Paisley, Scotland. This distinguishes Truss from many of her privately schooled Conservative colleagues.

Throughout the leadership race, Truss made a point of highlighting her modest upbringing. When she claimed that kids at her school were “let down by low expectations, inadequate educational standards, and a lack of opportunity,” she infuriated some former classmates and instructors. Academics, judges, and a number of other members of Parliament are among the graduates of the institution.

Truss continued her studies at Oxford University, where she presided over the campus branch of the Liberal Democrats and majored in philosophy, politics, and economics—the major of choice for many aspiring politicians.

Truss was an ardent member of the economically moderate Lib Dems, who support constitutional reform and civil freedoms. He put up “Free the Weed” banners calling for the decriminalization of marijuana and made the case in a speech for the overthrow of the monarchy.

Littlewood, a former Oxford Lib Dem colleague and current leader of the Institute for Economic Affairs, recalls Truss as “headstrong, determined, and vocal.”

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You could always tell where she stood on a subject or another person, he remarked.

Truss joined the Conservative Party after graduating from Oxford, “when it was considerably out of style,” as she subsequently recalled.

She worked as an economist for the telecommunications business Cable and Wireless, the energy corporation Shell, and a right-wing think tank while being involved in Conservative politics and endorsing Thatcherite ideas on the free market.

Before being chosen to represent the constituency of Southwest Norfolk in eastern England in 2010, she served as a local councilor in London and made two unsuccessful attempts to run for office.

After a roadblock when it was discovered she had an affair with another MP while both were married to other people, she eventually won the safe Conservative seat. Truss silenced her detractors, and her marriage held together. She has two teenage girls with her accountant spouse Hugh O’Leary.

She established the Thatcherite Tories’ Free Enterprise group, which was responsible for “Britannia Unchained,” a political treatise that made the infamous claim that British employees are “among the worst idlers in the world.”

In his memoir, former Cabinet minister David Laws, who collaborated with Truss in government a decade ago, likened her to “a young Margaret Thatcher on speed” because of her vigor and “mind-bogglingly ambitious” nature.

In 2014, Truss was appointed to her first Cabinet position as the food and environment minister. In a speech that was widely criticized, she declared that it was “a disgrace” that two-thirds of the cheese consumed in Britain was imported.

Truss supported the losing “remain” side in the 2016 British referendum on whether to exit the European Union, despite the fact that she claims to have always been a Euroskeptic. She has gained the support of Brexit supporters since the referendum because of her unyielding stance on the EU.

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She was appointed justice secretary before being downgraded to a less important position in the Treasury by May 2017. Truss was one of the first people to support Boris Johnson as May’s replacement when she was ousted due to her repeated inability to end the parliamentary impasse over Brexit.

When he won, Johnson appointed Truss trade secretary, a position in which she traveled the world signing post-Brexit trade agreements and building her reputation while Instagramming the experience.

She was appointed foreign secretary in September 2021, making her the country’s senior diplomat. Reviews of her performance are conflicting.

She received plaudits for her robust response to the invasion of Ukraine and succeeded where her predecessors had failed in securing the release of two British people who were imprisoned in Iran.

However, she hasn’t had the milder impact that EU leaders and bureaucrats had thought she would have on Britain’s relations with the bloc.

In the midst of trade disputes, Truss filed legislation to invalidate certain provisions of the legally-binding U.K.-EU divorce agreement. The 27-nation bloc is responding by suing the United Kingdom.

The repeated comparisons to Thatcher have been criticized by Truss as being sexist at times, but she has also supported them. In Eastern Europe, she took pictures in a British Army tank, invoking images of Thatcher during the Cold War. Truss wore a pussy-bow blouse similar to Thatcher’s during a live leadership debate.

She is drawing similarities to Margaret Thatcher, “the grocer’s daughter,” by emphasizing her humble upbringing, according to Victoria Honeyman, associate professor of British politics at the University of Leeds.

Truss maintains a stiff public face while concealing his true self. She adores karaoke and belting out songs by Taylor Swift, Whitney Houston, and Destiny’s Child, according to friends, who claim that this side of her is rarely shown in public.

Truss’ perceived allegiance to Johnson, who is still well-liked by many Conservatives, contributed to her victory. Sunak’s choice to leave Johnson’s Cabinet in July was viewed by many party members as a drawback.

Despite courting party members for months at “fizz with Liz” gatherings to gather support for a prospective leadership bid, Truss chose not to quit, claiming she was a “loyal person.”

It is reminiscent of Ronald Reagan’s “morning in America” boosterism that conservatives have embraced Truss’ upbeat message of liberty through less government.

It will probably be more difficult to win over the larger segment of British voters. As inflation increases and Britain’s cost of living problem intensifies, times are harsh and only getting tougher. It’s unlikely that Truss’ emphasis on boosting the economy through tax reductions will offer much immediate comfort.

Left-leaning commentator Will Hutton called Liz Truss‘ economic theories “ruinous nonsense,” calling them “persistently anti-European, obsessed with tax reduction, and believing into the premise that nameless rules are stifling enterprise” in an article for The Observer.

Truss doesn’t have much time to convince people that she is heading in the right direction. Two years must pass before the subsequent presidential election.

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Professional Career

Liz Truss Controversy

Following the completion of her schooling, Truss began working for Shell in 1996. She worked there for four years before joining Cable & Wireless in 2000, where she later rose to the position of economic director.

After losing her first two races in 2008, Truss was appointed as the full-time deputy director of a think tank, The Reform Research Trust.

She co-authored various reports, including The Value of Mathematics, A New Level, and others, alongside her colleagues. She subsequently established the Conservative MPs’ Free Enterprise Group.

Personal Life

Liz Truss Controversy

Truss wed fellow accountant Hugh O’Leary in 2000; the two are parents to two daughters. She had an adulterous relationship with married MP Mark Field, who the Conservative Party had designated as her political mentor, from 2004 until mid-2005. Her union with O’Leary did, however, remain intact.

I share the principles of the Christian faith and the Church of England, but I’m not a regularly attending religious person, Truss stated in 2022.

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