Lizzo and Chris Martin Joke That “Yellow” Is Her “Hookup Song”

Lizzo sampled Coldplay and Chris Martin’s iconic song “Yellow” on her new single because she is such a fan, and it appears that they feel the same way!

The 34-year-old singer of “About Damn Time” recently spoke with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1, and she was delighted when their conversation was cut short by a sudden FaceTime call from Martin himself.

Prior to Martin’s arrival, Lizzo and Lowe were discussing how the single “Coldplay” from Lizzo’s latest album Special samples the band’s breakout 2000 smash “Yellow.”

“One of my most literal tunes to date is this one. In the song, everything I say actually did happen “Producer Ricky Reed had her sit in the studio and talk over a piano loop, she claimed, adding that. “So yeah, I remember when we traveled to Tulum, we pretended we were married, I said as I sat in the seat.

On that loop, I spoke for maybe 25, or 30 minutes. He then came back to me and said, “Hey, all those words you wrote, I kind of made it into a song,” and I felt incredibly raw and passionate about it.”

Martin, 45, then made a FaceTime call and congratulated Lizzo, telling the celebrity that it had been “amazing” to watch her “take over” the music industry.

She then thanked him for providing the go-ahead to use a sample of “Yellow” on “Coldplay” and described the history of the song’s creation.

Lizzo and Chris Martin Joke That "Yellow" Is Her "Hookup Song"

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She remembered, “I was singing it with someone and I was just looking at the stars. I was with him and tears simply were coming to my eyes. “You have such a wonderful talent for moving people with your poetry and lyricism. I’m grateful beyond words. It’s very genuine.”

Martin responded by inquiring as to how Lizzo’s “guy friend” felt about her serenade. When the musician hesitantly revealed that he liked it, Martin made light of the fact that Lizzo had adopted his old hit as her “hookup song.”

“I’d have been like OK, amazing if someone had told me 22 years ago that one-day Lizzo’s going to make out to this music sped up,” he added. “Lizzo now uses it as her hookup music. That’s great.”

Baby-making music, she said. Special is due out on Friday, and Lizzo will launch a tour in support of it in September. She gushed to Lowe about how much she “loves” the album and how she’s “proud of how the patient” she was while making it.

She remarked, “I spent time writing the songs that needed to be released, the messages I wanted to tell, and the songs that people needed to hear.

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