Lizzo Claims She Does Not Adhere to Monogamy!

Lizzo claims she does not adhere to monogamy.

According to US singer Lizzo, traditional relationships terrify her and she may love someone for all time in a relationship without “rules.”

Although she is not polyamorous, the singer-songwriter said yesterday on the Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM hosted by DJ Envy, Charlamagne Tha God, and Angel Yee that she does not believe in monogamy.

“I believe that for ten years, a traditional relationship worries me, but love is eternal. According to Lizzo, whose true name is Melissa Viviane Jefferson, “I can love somebody forever.” Because of the regulations, monogamy, in my opinion, is a little claustrophobic.

The 34-year-old continued, “I think there are no rules in a love relationship that is not monogamous. “I assume there are still restrictions for polygamists and all that stuff. No rules are what I want.

The confession may not come as a surprise to many of her admirers because the legendary singer is not afraid to flirt online with other celebrities, such as Chris Evans and Harry Styles.

Lizzo later discussed her current companion, Myke Wright, on the well-liked programme. She said, “I’m surrounded by the most sincere people.” They couldn’t care less about “Lizzo” with the chain. Everyone with whom I am close cares about “Melissa,” and I believe it is crucial that they knew me before everything that has transpired.

Lizzo, “Even the man I’m dating knew me before all of this. We were close,” she said. When they knew you prior to 2019, it hit them differently.

Her outlook on life has altered as a result of learning to embrace love, she claimed, and it has prevented her from falling into a “lonely, nervous place.” The award-winning artist claimed, however, that falling in love led her to a “healthier, safer, happier place.”

After that, the singer clarified that being in a relationship without ground rules doesn’t mean she is “out here f***ing and sucking and ducking.”

Lizzo Claims She Does Not Adhere to Monogamy!

“That doesn’t imply that he is, either. Simply put, it implies there are no expectations, which allows the love to take centre stage.

I don’t mind as long as you love me. It does not follow that he is either. It simply implies that there are no expectations, which allows the love to take centre stage.

We can still have that — just don’t call it monogamy, she said in response to the question of what she would do if her spouse desired a monogamous relationship.

“I think that’s what we have, which is the most beautiful, pure thing ever,” Lizzo said of her relationship with Wright, adding that at the end of the day, it is only based on their love for one another.

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