Lizzo Gushes with James Gordon on Carpool Karaoke, Says ‘She’s My North Star’!

Lizzo, an American singer-songwriter, sat down with “Late Late Show” presenter James Corden for the Carpool Karaoke segment and opened up about her upbringing, personality, and the role model Beyonce serves as her. Lizzo said Beyonce assisted her in overcoming her depression. Learn more about Lizzo’s affection for the “Dangerously In Love” singer by reading on.

Beyonce Is Lizzo’s Guide

Stars have fans, too, and Lizzo’s “Late Late Show” performance was all about Beyonce and delivered a sincere sense of humour. She admitted that she would listen to Beyonce as a child and that doing so gave her confidence while she sat in James Corden’s car for a Carpool Karaoke session. Even Beyonce received praise from her for overcoming sadness.

Lizzo stated, “I would listen to Beyonce in my bedroom and it would transfer me when I was bashful, or when I didn’t think I was cool, or when I was getting picked on. I would sense something like things was about to get better in my life, you know? I still have hope.

The About Damn Time singer added that after dropping out of college and in need of motivation, she would repeatedly play Beyonce’s birthday. Lizzo even referred to Beyonce as her North Star, saying:

“When I dropped out of college and was quite depressed, I played B’Day repeatedly and sang B’Day nonstop. I declared, “I’m going to be a singer.” I’m going to start singing. I want to use music to evoke the same emotions she does in people. She has served as my compass.

Knowing Lizzo had affections for Beyonce, Corden felt compelled to play a terrible joke on her. Lizzo was baited by Corden when she revealed that she had never met Beyonce, saying that he would call the “Break My Soul” singer.

Lizzo Gushes with James Gordon on Carpool Karaoke, Says 'She's My North Star'!

Lizzo’s hopes were undoubtedly raised, but James afterwards laughed and said, “I’m kidding, there’s no way I’ve got [Beyoncé’s] phone number.” The couple jammed out to one of her early singles, “Crazy in Love,” despite being unable to involve the singer in their sing-along.

A Little Jamming and A Lot of Childhood Memories

Even though Lizzo is a great Beyonce fan, she made James Cordon’s “Late Late Show” more lively. When Cordon handed her a flute in the middle of the journey, the skilled 34-year-old rapper and singer began to play it. Additionally, the group sang her hits including “Good as Hell” and “Juice” during the Karaoke session.

She discussed a variety of subjects in addition to her love for Beyonce, such as how she obtained the nickname “Lizzo” and the origins of her passion for playing the flute. She recalled that the music she listened to was strictly prohibited during her childhood

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“I was a member of The Church of God in Christ for the first ten years of my life while we were living in Detroit. When you practise the faith, you must adhere strictly to certain musical genres. It was devil music; we didn’t listen to secular music.

She was asked a religious question by Corden about whether or not she would be permitted to listen to her style of music when she was in church. Lizzo exclaimed, laughing, that she would have been permitted to listen to her earlier music but not the latter material after she started using profanity in her songs. Lizzo responded, “I don’t know, it’s just that,” when Corder questioned her about whether the swearing-in the music was the cause. It might be a little bit the nudity and the**.

Lizzo described how her cousin would protest about her unsuitable clothing to her mother in front of her. He would criticise her for not wearing enough clothing in her Instagram postings, she claimed. Lizzo revealed that the following day, she will go all out and share additional nudity.

Lizzo’s Body Was Shamed

Body shaming has affected Lizzo’s career all along. After her accomplishment, she is now viewed as a symbol of confidence and body positivity. She gives social media some of the responsibility for changing the perception of women’s size.

If you don’t remember, Lizzo caused controversy in 2019 by twerking and dancing to her song “Juice” while sporting a dress that exposed her thong during a Los Angeles Lakers game.

Lizzo Gushes with James Gordon on Carpool Karaoke, Says 'She's My North Star'!

Lizzo stopped using Twitter in 2020, citing that she had encountered “too many trolls,” and she promised to return when she felt more at ease. Since then, her management has updated her Twitter, and she is still active on Instagram. Lizzo emphasises mental health a lot because she has battled depression.

If you didn’t know, Lizzo recently came under fire for her new song “Grrls” since it used an ableist slur. The song contains a slur that is derived from the word “spastic,” which is used to describe someone who was born with a handicap that affects their ability to control their muscles.

What I can say about Beyonce is that she is known as the “Queen Bey.” It’s interesting to note that both Lizzo and Beyoncé will release new albums in July; the former’s, titled “Special,” will arrive on July 15 while the latter’s, titled “Renaissance,” will arrive on July 29. What are your thoughts on Beyonce? Has she also served as your inspiration?

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