Locash’s Preston Brust and Wife Kristen Expecting Baby No. 3: ‘This Is Our Dream’

After a difficult two years, Preston Brust and wife Kristen’s family of four will become a family of five Preston Brust of LOCASH is growing his family by welcoming a new baby.

An official spokesperson for the couple exclusively confirms to PEOPLE that the artist and his wife Kristen Brust are expecting their third child. The couple already has a son named Legend Wilde who is 4 and a daughter named Love Lily who is 7.

According to Kristen, the new addition to the family is due in June, “right in the heart of the touring season.”

The soon-to-be mother of three acknowledges that “this time has been a little harder for sure” when speaking about her third pregnancy.

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LOCASH's Preston Brust and Wife Kristen Expecting Baby No. 3: 'This Is Our Dream'

I was queasy or sick all day, every day for almost 17 weeks, she says, but I was THE most appreciative sick person ever. “I never fail to recognize the sacredness of this time of year.

My body is working really hard, and in contrast to my typical lifestyle, it loves a Taco Bell drive-through and despises salad.”

The couple says they were hoping to expand their family after a difficult few years, but they also realized nothing was guaranteed.

“We found the sight and sound of a newborn heartbeat to be extraordinarily lyrical. It’s been such a difficult and demanding two years. This is redeemed in a variety of ways, “Preston reveals.

“We hoped for this baby, but we began to wonder if it was really going to happen. Two years later, nothing has happened. We thought Kristen’s age is a big factor, but “he says of his 41-year-old wife. “For Love and Legend, we have always been at peace and grateful. There, we anchored.”

He goes on, “We just always understood that our family was made up of two parts. But we cannot explain it, we have always known. This is what we want.”

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The couple has made the decision to hold off on learning the sex until the birth of their child.

As an adult, it’s the most enjoyable surprise, claims Kristen. “It was awesome to wait to find out with Legend! It was Preston who got to announce, “It’s a boy!” It’s really an amazing time.”

The musician claims that his young children are adamant about whether they want a baby brother or a baby sister.

“Love definitely casts a vote… Sister team or bust! Legend is adamant it’s a boy, therefore he doesn’t have a preference “Preston chuckles as he says. “She is grateful we are giving it to her as a gift, and love is pretty much in the style of this being her baby. She claims that after the kid is delivered, she will handle everything. She is quite happy.”

The pleased father adds, “Legend makes reference to the baby’s Halloween attire. For these two, both responses are generally appropriate.”

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LOCASH's Preston Brust and Wife Kristen Expecting Baby No. 3: 'This Is Our Dream'

Even if they are a little anxious about being outnumbered, Preston and Kristen are excited to watch how their children welcome a new sibling into the family.

“We should definitely be more stressed up about this than we are, but we are so grateful that we have wonderful older children to help out with this little one.

Three souls to steward is an extremely precious chance, but it will stretch us “states Kristen.

Chris Lucas, a bandmate, and his wife Kaitlyn, who also have three children, are eager to bring their families together.

“Chris and Kaitlyn are so happy for us. Our families spend so much time together, and it’s nice to see the kids’ excitement “explains Preston, 48.

“10 LOCASH celebrations!”

After the release of their brand-new single “Three Favorite Colors,” which is out today, LOCASH will tour with Kane Brown beginning in the following month.