Samsung TV Remote Lost? here’s a Few Options to Try

Samsung TV Remote Lost

1. Use the Power Button

Even while it sounds like it would only turn the TV on and off, that’s not all it does.

The power button on your Samsung TV could be on the rear or in the middle of the bottom panel, depending on the model you have. You can turn the power on and off with a single press. You may use it as a joystick to access other functions like channel shifting, volume adjustment, and switching to HDMI as an input. It won’t let you access your TV’s menu or applications, however.

Pros: Can conduct basic navigation and is helpful for switching to TV-connected streaming devices.

Drawbacks: – Having trouble navigating the Tizen OS or accessing the Settings.

2. Use a wired keyboard

In case you happen to misplace your TV remote, you can still operate your new Samsung TV thanks to the USB A connector located on the rear of the screen.

Connect a wired keyboard to your TV using its USB port if you happen to have one laying around. Afterwards, you’ll have complete control of the TV with the arrow keys on your computer. You can even launch and switch applications, view the Settings, and more.

With the exception of the inability to change the level, all of the keyboards I tested, including the Apple connected keyboard, functioned as expected. The arrow keys lead you around, the enter key selects, the ESC key returns you to the main menu, and so on.

Unfortunately, our Samsung TV running Tizen OS does not support the usage of a mouse.

Pros: Easy to set up (just plug it in) and use (keys work for most remote functions

Downside: TVs don’t always work with all keyboards.

3. Get a wireless keyboard with Dongle

I suggest obtaining an inexpensive wireless keyboard from Amazon, even though most Samsung TVs are compatible with wired keyboards out of the box. They have a lot more features than simply basic navigation and are portable.

As an example, you may acquire a small, inexpensive wireless keyboard and mouse combination that, when coupled with a bluetooth dongle, allows you to operate the TV with zero setup required. To connect the dongle to the TV, just insert it into the USB port located on the rear of the device. In addition to the standard menu options, you may mute the TV, launch applications, and adjust the volume.

Benefits: Better than the remote control, readily available, wireless, portable, plug-and-play, and offering full navigational control.

lost samsung tv remote

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There is no warranty in case it breaks.

4. Use the Samsung app

With the Samsung Smartthings app, controlling your Samsung TV is a breeze if it’s linked to your home Wi-Fi network.

Android and iOS users alike will be able to download the software. The next thing to do is to link your phone and TV to the same Wi-Fi network. Choose your television set from the devices that are listed. From that point on, it functions wirelessly over Wi-Fi and acts just like a real remote.

One minor catch is that you’ll need to authorize your phone to connect to your TV in order to use the Smart things app in the event that you misplace your remote. This isn’t an option for those who have never used the app before. But don’t worry if you misplace the original remote—an extra keyboard will still provide you this authority.

A complete remote with all the functions is a strong point.

Negatives: You can’t link the app to the TV until you authorize it via the TV’s remote.

5. Universal Remote

lost samsung tv remote

A universal remote control for your Samsung TV might be a good option if everything else fails. Due to its versatility and low price, I suggest it over the original remote. The GE Universal Remote ($9.99) provides codes for the vast majority of electronic gadgets that are compatible with infrared remote controls.

To do this, just switch to program mode on the remote and input the code that is unique to your TV. A manual with all the codes is included with the remote. After you’ve paired them, the remote will give you complete control over your TV.

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Pros: It’s dependable, it works with various devices, and it gives you all the functions of the Samsung remote.

Downside: It could be tedious to set up the remote for each individual device at first.

Final Words

Here are a few things you may try besides purchasing a new remote for your Samsung Smart TV if you lose the original. Aside from the app, which necessitates a one-time authorization via the TV, all of the other options function adequately. It’s not possible to use the TV remote to operate devices connected over HDMI in this scenario, which is why HDMI CEC isn’t applicable. This means that the Firestick’s remote is incompatible with your TV.