Love After Lockup Season 4 Release Date: This Series Coming in 2022

love after lockup season 4

Love After Lockup is a reality television series, portraying the lives of newly released prisoners and their significant others.
Chaos erupts when Kevin & Kurtis face off upon Tiffany’s release; Chazz prepares sixth marriage to a prisoner; Harry reunites with his daughter and baby mom; Lacey picks up Antoine, but emotions escalate; Chance sends Tayler’s sister storming off.


Love After Lockup Season 3 Premiere Recap

We are back for another chaotic season of Love After Lockup. It’s really strange to watch how many people fall for convicts who they’ve never met. However, season after season, this program delivers. Every time you think it can’t get any wilder, this series ups the ante. We’re receiving all new couples which is always so much fun. They start off so in love, and then it goes bad.

What is it about being locked up that is such a turn-on for these people? It’s simply such an intriguing concept. Half of the time the folks get fooled or cheated. It hurts for them, but it’s fantastic TV for viewers. It’s normally such a train disaster to behold, which makes it all the more fascinating. There’s no knowing what we are in store for this season. Anything may happen. Are you guys ready for the ride? Buckle up!

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Love After Lockup Season 4:  Cast  & Crew

love after lockup season 4

1) Indie and Harry (Beltsville, MD)

The fan-favorite pair from the series spinoff Love During Lockup, Indie, and Harry will give their love another opportunity on the show. Indie couldn’t go to Ohio to be closer to her “spiritual husband” in the spinoff, but as Harry’s release date is quickly approaching, they hope to be back together again. However, Indie’s bounty-hunter mother is not delighted to name the ex-convict her future son-in-law.

2) Kevin and Tiffany (Arlington, TX)

Kevin, a self-described “playboy,” fell in love with Tiffany, but she was sent to prison before they could make their relationship official. The pair will resume their conversation now.

3) Tayler and Chance (Elsberry, MO)

Tayler and Chance fell in love over phone talks. While inside the bars, Chance contacted Tayler to talk to her ex-boyfriend but instead they clicked and started chatting. Over time, they formed affections for each other. And because Chance will be a free man soon, the single mom anticipates a proposal from him but only time will tell if her hopes will be met or not as none of the family members are comfortable with the notion of them being together.

4) Raydean and Rick (Cedar Park, TX)

When it comes to Raydean, 29, who is 20 years younger than Rick, it’s just a question of numbers. In prison, Raydean sought out Rick, whom she had met through her ex-boyfriend. She’s looking forward to exploring their connection on Love Following Lockup after her release, despite their age disparity.

5) Kaylah and Martel (Atlanta, GA)

An accidental encounter at a party 14 years ago caused Kaylah and Martel to fall in love with one another. After dating for a time, Martel was jailed but the lovebirds maintained connected and now after a 13-year-long prison term, the pair will finally start where they left off.

6) Lacey and Antoine (Snohomish, WA)

Lacey, 38, was introduced to Antoine, 26, by her friend, the man’s mother. Lacey was smitten from the first moment they met and was ready to leave her unhappy marriage of 20 years for Antoine. While this may have worked for Antoine, he was caught and imprisoned. However, despite this, the pair remained together and are open to exploring their love on Love After Lockup in the future.

Love After Lockup Season 4: Release Date

Produced by Sharp Entertainment, with Sophie Mallam, Dan Adler, Matt Sharp, Sara Hayworth, and Alan Madison as the executive producers, the new season of Love After Lockup will be broadcast on March 4, 2022 on WE tv.

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Couples Still in Love After Lockup:

Long-term relationships are made more difficult by the show’s central concept. Things have worked out well for the few couples who were able to meet through a pen buddy exchange while serving their time in prison.

Inmates and outsiders form the couples featured on the show, with one person on the outside falling for the other while in prison. Having only “dated” — and in some cases married! — while the other was in prison, the two now strive to make it in the real world after the felon’s release.
On January 12, 2018, the show premiered on WE tv and quickly became a sensation. On June 18, 2021, the fourth season of the Friday night juggernaut is set to premiere. Life After Lockup, a popular offshoot of the program, follows couples from past seasons of the show to provide up-to-date information on their love lives.

Most couples have had a difficult time adjusting to “life after incarceration,” as the title suggests. People’s expectations of long-distance “dating” via pen pals with just sporadic in-person meetings are often unrealistic for the person on the outside. Real-world difficulties are far more important for the prisoner than locating an ideal wedding location. Halfway homes and stringent paroles are required for some, while others are allowed to stay in the community. For those of us with a criminal past, finding work may be a real challenge!

Love After Lockup Season 4 Episode 10  Release date:

Love After Lockup Season 4 has been launched on 04 March 2022. It airs every Friday at 9 pm EST. The program is also accessible on the AMC streaming service ALLBLK with the new episodes on Tuesdays, It is confirmed that episode 10 will be released on 6 May 2022

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Love After Lockup Season Trailer:

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