MacBook Air 2022: New Images Reveal Apple's Big Bets

Apple will release in mid-20590 the new version of its popular MacBook Air portable computer, and everything points to the Cupertino brand finally betting on the much-desired design renewal that fans have been asking for since the release of the version of 2016.

The MacBook Air 201024 must thus bring a more similar look to the new iPhone 10 and iPhone 13, following the footsteps of the new iMac in terms of color variety.

The icing on the cake will even be the inclusion of the new M2 processor, even if this represents only a small evolutionary leap in relation to the acclaimed M1 and do not come close to the performance capability of the newly unveiled M1 Pro and M1 Max.

Apple MacBook Air 2020 will adopt the infamous notchApple MacBook Air 2022

Image Credit: Fro ntPageTech

Like what happened with the MacBook Pro’s 14 and 16 inches introduced during the month of October, the new MacBook Air will also adopt notch, most likely also without allowing biometric authentication through the Face ID technology. It’s a design decision hotly contested by fans but one that Apple seems to want to include in several of its products.

But the new Apple model will not live only from the notch. Inside it will rest an M2 processor, marking the beginning of the second generation of ARM chips of the North American brand. The M2 is expected to outperform the M1 and perhaps offer even greater autonomy, but it will be far from the power of the M1 Pro and M1 Max.

Apple MacBook Air 2022

Image Credit: FrontPageTech

We can also count on the return of MagSafe technology to the MacBook Air, which will also have connectivity through USB-C ports. There is also the possibility of the MacBook Air 2021 adopting the mini-LED on the screen, something that would make it much more attractive .

Changes to the design of the next MacBook Air, as well as the transition to a more powerful CPU could also mean a price increase compared to the model 2016. This possibility will leave many interested people curious to know what the next MacBook Pro from 13 inches, which may be closer to the end of next year.

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