How Much Money Does Macy Gray Make Annually?

After advocating for a makeover of the American flag, Macy Gray garnered media attention. According to the 53-year-old singer’s op-ed for MarketWatch, the current flag has been used as a “replacement” for the Confederate flag, which she described as “a symbol of opposition to the abolishment of slavery” and called a “tattered, antiquated, divisive, and inaccurate.”

Mixed reactions followed her statement, with some calling for her cancellation and others defending the singer’s freedom to share such opinions. Here is an overview of Gray’s net worth following his decades-long career in music and film.

An Overview of Macy Gray Early Life 

macy gray net worth

On September 6, 1967, in Canton, Ohio, Natalie Renee McIntyre, better known by her stage name Macy Gray, was born. Macy’s father, Otis Jones, was an insurance salesman who left his family when she was a little child. Macy’s mother, Laura McIntyre, was a math teacher.

When her mother remarried, Macy said she felt more akin to her stepfather than to her biological father. By the time Gray was a student at the University of Southern California, she was already singing and writing songs.

While working as a cashier, she met a producer by the name of Joe Solo, who assisted her with songwriting and recording at his studio. Later, Macy started singing in jazz clubs in Los Angeles and was signed by Atlanta Records, but she was fired before her debut album was released. Despite the setback, Macy was inspired to pick up her instrument once more. She wrote new songs, recorded them, and in 1998 she signed with Epic Records.

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An Overview of Macy Gray’s Career

macy gray net worth

Gray met composer and producer Joe Solo while working as a cashier in Beverly Hills, and the two collaborated on writing and recording a number of songs. Gray was given opportunities to sing at Los Angeles jazz cafes as a result of the resulting demo tape.

She was then signed by Atlantic Records, but the label released her once the individual who had signed her left the organization. She was persuaded to pursue a music career once more after moving back to Ohio in 1997 by the senior vice president of the Zomba Label Group in Los Angeles.

She later signed a development agreement and started writing and recording new songs that were inspired by her experiences. She signed a contract with Epic Records in 1998.

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Along with Other Musical Successes, “On how Life Is”

macy gray net worth

Gray published her debut album, “On How Life Is,” in the summer of 1999. Three of its tracks, “Do Something,” “Still,” and “Why Didn’t You Call Me,” became international hits. The most popular track was “I Try,” which went on to become one of the year’s biggest singles.

“On How Life Is” achieved triple platinum status in the US and quadruple platinum status in the UK as a result of this success. Later, “I Try” received Grammy Award nominations for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance and Song of the Year. It also won Record of the Year.

Following her success, Gray released “The Id,” her second studio album, which peaked at number eleven on the Billboard 200. It performed much better in the UK, rising to the top of the UK Albums Chart and earning a gold certification. Soon after, Gray began working with a range of musicians.

She co-wrote the song “Amoré (Sexo)” from Santana’s album with them, took part in a cover of “Water No Get Enemy” by Kuti, and cut a duet with Zucchero. Then, in 2003, Gray released “The Trouble with Being Myself,” her third studio album, to tremendous acclaim. When I See You, the album’s debut song achieved radio success in the US and charted in the UK’s top 20. Following that, a greatest hits CD and a live album were made available.

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What Is the Net Worth of Macy Gray

She is valued at a respectable $12 million by Celebrity Net Worth, however, Wealthy Genius puts her net worth as high as $23 million.

Net Worth: $12 Million
Date of Birth: Sep 6, 1969 (53 years old)
Place of Birth: Canton
Gender: Female
Height: 6 ft (1.829 m)
Profession: Actor, Record producer, Singer-songwriter, Voice Actor, Musician
Nationality: United States of America

According to The Huffington Post, Gray discovered her own net worth to be $38 million after learning about it in 2012, according to Reuters.

With her album “On How Life Is,” which featured the number-one hit song “I Try,” the R&B artist made her musical debut in 1999. This song is still Gray’s biggest hit.

“I Try” achieved its highest position on the American charts at number five and received platinum certification in Australia and the UK. She received a Grammy for best female pop vocal performance for it as well.

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Awards and Nominations

Macy Gray has been nominated for and awarded numerous awards during the course of her career. She won a Billboard Music Video Award for “Why Didn’t You Call Me” in 2000. She was nominated for five Grammy Awards and won one of them.

In addition, she has won numerous additional awards, including the Brit Awards, the Black Reel Awards, the MTV Video Music Award, the Independent Music Award, the Pollstar Concert Industry Award, and more.

Real Estate and Personal Matters

macy gray net worth

Tracy Hinds, a mortgage broker, and Gray were married for around four years before being divorced while Gray’s career was just beginning. They had three kids together: Mel, Aanisah, and Happy.

For about $4.5 million, Gray listed her expansive estate in the San Fernando Valley in 2006. The 10,000 square foot, colonial-style house included a basketball court, a spa and pool, nine and a half baths, seven bedrooms, and a dome ceiling.

Macy Gray has a very good collection of luxury cars like Range Rover, Porsche, Mitsubishi, Ford, and a few others.

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Macy Gray’s net worth is estimated to be $12 million as of 2022. Her yearly salary is $2 million. She has won five Grammy Awards, and the music industry and brand endorsements provide the majority of her income.