Margaret Josephs Weight Loss: A Guide to Her Diet and Exercise Regimen!

American fashion designer, businesswoman, and television personality Margaret Katona Josephs. She is the proprietor, creator, and designer of the Macbeth Collection lifestyle company. Since the eighth season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey on Bravo in 2017, she has been a regular cast member.

Early Life and Education

Josephs was reared in Westchester, New York, but was born to Hungarian immigrants in Elizabeth, New Jersey. She received a fashion design degree from FIT. She then worked as a clothing designer in New York’s Garment Center.

She was inspired by the designs and materials she worked with while employed here, and this inspiration eventually impacted her own collection. She made the decision to launch her own brand of decoupage home decor after the birth of her baby.

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Rhonj Fans Have Noticed Margaret Josephs’ Weight Loss

margaret josephs weight loss

Josephs noted that some of her admirers had noticed her weight reduction in the “Two Ts in a Pod” episode. “I think a lot of people haven’t seen me out in the streets, so I think that’s why it’s such a drastic change,” said Josephs of the apparent change.

Users of social media have also discussed Josephs’s looks there. For instance, the RHONJ actress shared an Instagram shot of herself sporting an all-black outfit on January 23. Many followers of the article raced to the comments section to express their belief that Josephs had lost weight.

You seem really thin, Marge. I believe you are the BEST and always have,” one Instagram user remarked. A commenter questioned, “So are we going to tell everyone how your body looks so thin & different? ”

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RHONJ’s Margaret Josephs Has Lost 22 Pounds

Margaret recently stated that she “feels great” in an interview with People about her weight loss struggle. The 55-year-old woman revealed that Jamie Gabel PA-C, a licensed physician assistant, had put her on a regimen of peptides and hormone replacement therapy, remarking that the treatment had been “life-changing.”

At the same time, Margaret revealed that her quest was more about finding a balance in her well-being than it was about being thin. She is feeling better than ever, so her regimen has clearly been effective.

RHONJ’s Margaret Josephs One Year Ago

Even when Margaret began her adventure over a year ago, she appeared joyful and in good condition. The RHONJ celebrity jokingly claimed that the peptide had given her more “pep,” although she has always been positive.

Margaret had a smaller figure at last year’s RHONJ reunion, and she looked lovely in her gold floor-length gown. She admitted that although she had always been tiny, including after giving birth to her son Spencer, as she aged, the weight began to gain.

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RHONJ’S Margaret Josephs Is Making an Effort

Although the star of The Real Housewives of New Jersey has never been overweight, Margaret is taking steps to ensure her long-term health. Prior to her weight reduction, Margaret revealed that she weighed 25 pounds more than she did when she first started watching the program.

Margaret has always been confident in her curves and frequently states that she doesn’t mind being a little plump. But unlike other of her co-stars who had taken Ozempic like Dolores Catania, she wanted to lose a few pounds this time in a healthy way. Now that Margaret has regained her wedding weight of 126 pounds, she said it seems normal to her.