Maria Victoria Henao: The Story of Pablo Escobar’s Wife, Early life, Complete Info!

Pablo Escobar’s wife, Maria Victoria Henao, was a woman who had it all. She was beautiful and powerful in the Colombian drug trade. But when her husband died she lost everything and became a fugitive on the run from both the law and rival cartels. In this book, you will learn about how she managed to escape death at every turn as well as what life is like for those living in fear of Pablo Escobar’s legacy today.

The wife of Colombian drug baron Pablo Escobar, Maria Victoria Henao was born in Colombia. Pablo Escobar married Maria, who was 15 years old at the time, in Colombia. They had a 17-year relationship that ended with his death. Pablo Escobar was said to have amassed a huge fortune of $30 billion, which is equivalent to $64 billion today in purchasing power. Escobar can be a criminal for the entire world, but to Maria, he was her prince charming who treated her like a princess.

Everything You Need to Know About Maria Victoria Henao

Maria Victoria’s Early Life

In the year 1961, Maria Victoria was born in a tiny Colombian hamlet. She had two siblings and enjoyed dancing as a youngster.

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Pablo Escobar and Maria Victoria’s Relationship

Maria Victoria Henao

Carlos was the brother of Maria, a drug trafficker who worked for Pablo Escobar. In 1974, she met Pablo Escobar for the first time when she was 13 years old. She later fell in love with Pablo who was 11 years older than her as Pablo used to seduce her and gave many gifts every time they met. When her family grew concerned about their relationship due to Pablo’s illegal conduct, they resolved to flee secretly and marry. She gave birth to her first child at the age of 16, a year after her marriage. In a book called My Life with Pablo, she described Escobar as “Affectionate,” and in describing their connection, she wrote that he made her feel like a “fairy princess.”

She gave birth to her second kid after seven years in 1984. Even though Maria and Pablo were having good time post marriage, Pablo was having extramarital affairs with many women, and his affair with Columbian author cum journalist Virginia Vallejo was well known as she was the first television journalist who took Pablo s interview.

While Pablo was known as The King of Cocaine and the wealthiest criminal in history, Maria believed he was involved in real estate. Pablo did not inform his wife, despite her concerns that he was away from home for many days and received significant amounts of money when he returned. When Bill was arrested in 1977, she was shocked to learn about his drug dealings and criminal activities. After the couple’s breakup, Maria began seeing Pablo again until he was murdered in 1993. She was initially uninterested in being a part of her husband’s criminal enterprises and developed a loathing for anything connected to her spouse’s world. She was furious with her husband’s frequent infidelities with several ladies.

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Pablo Escobar Killed by Police-

She has gone through a lot of agony and the whole Colombian nation due to her husband’s actions during their 17-year partnership. She was unable to seek assistance from her family since she divorced all of her relatives in order to marry him. However, she did not abandon him as she may have believed it was impossible for her to survive without Pablo’s assistance.

Pablo was involved in the assassination of Justice Minister Rodrigo Lara Bonilla, as well as presidential candidate Luis Carlos Galan. I knew that day we were in a terrible situation, according to Maria’s account in her book. My life and the lives of my children are going to be challenging. She was constantly afraid that her husband’s enemies would harm her.

Pablo Escobar was well aware that he could be eliminated at any time in 1993, so he instructed Maria to relocate with their children to a secure site under the protection of the government. Pablo Escobar was slain by Colombian authorities in a firefight on a rooftop. With the aid of the Colombian electronic surveillance team, they were able to track down his exact position. However, Juan Escobar claims that his father killed himself and took his life.

Following Pablo’s death, Maria Victoria’s life continued.

Maria Victoria Henao

Following Pablo’s death, Maria’s life became very difficult. While the Colombians and others throughout the world were rejoicing at Pablo Escobar’s demise, Maria and her family were mournful and apprehensive. But a hurricane destroyed everything, including the city she wanted to settle down in and live a quiet life. Pablo’s reputation was following her everywhere she went. So she had to go from one location to the next on a regular basis in order to keep her family safe. She also went by the names Mary Anne and Edward, took on new identities, and moved to Argentina. She and her family members were arrested in the year 1999, despite taking extra precautions to keep their identities a secret. They’ve been charged with theft and money laundering owing to their connection to the stolen goods’ investigation.

The police claim that Maria knew about Pablo’s business secret, as well as being involved in drug dealing. She also denied making the statement that they were groundless allegations and that she was simply his wife and not at all linked to any of his illegal activities. The authorities had to release Maria and her children after 15 months due to a lack of evidence. They were rearrested later for assisting a drug dealer in money laundering.

Juan Escobar, the son of Maria Magdalena, is a lecturer who has written a book about Pablo Escobar entitled Pablo Escobar- My Father. Now, she resides in an apartment with her son and mother-in-law. Her daughter has cut off all ties with her family and lives on her own. Recently, in an interview given to Colombia’s W Radio in 2018, Maria Victoria Henao apologized on behalf of her husband for his criminal and terror activities that caused misery for many people.

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Is it true that Pablo Escobar’s money is gone?

Pablo has set aside a significant amount of money to look after his family, but it never reached where it was supposed to be and remains a mystery. Only a few of his assets and other possessions were taken by the legal system. Many valuable assets, such as gold, platinum, and cash, could not be located. Pablo Escobar was, according to Queen Victoria Henao, a kind and caring husband. She never let go of him, even when she knew he was having an affair.

Victoria is a lecturer in social media marketing who works from home. Since falling for Diego’s ruse, she has relocated her family to an apartment in Buenos Aires while carving out new identities for herself and her son as Maria Isabel Santos Caballero.

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