Marilyn Manson’s Sunday Service appearance sparks controversy with Kanye West

Kanye West resurrected his Sunday Service for a webcast event today (October 31).

The event included Marilyn Manson, who has been accused of sexual assault, misconduct, and abuse by many women in the previous year, including his former lover Evan Rachel Wood. The musician, who is now known legally as Ye, generated uproar. He has disputed the charges, calling them “terrible reality distortions.”


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In August, West invited the musician to a listening party for his new album, ‘DONDA,’ at Soldier Field in Chicago. Manson was recognized as a co-writer on the songs ‘Jail’ and ‘Jail Pt. 2’ when the album was finally released.

Justin Bieber and Roddy Ricch were also in attendance.

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‘No Child Left Behind,’ ‘Hurricane,’ ‘Moon,’ and ‘Come to Life’ were among the songs performed on the rooftop, including ‘No Child Left Behind,’ ‘Hurricane,’ ‘Moon,’ and ‘Come to Life.’

Fans’ reactions to the event can be seen on social media here:

In August, Manson’s attendance at the Chicago ‘DONDA’ event provoked widespread outrage online.

Manson made an appearance on the stoop of a church-like structure built in the stadium’s center by West. Many people noticed the structure’s resemblance to West’s childhood house when images of its construction surfaced online before the event.

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Wood, Manson’s ex-wife, appeared to react to the appearance on social media as well. Wood tweeted a video of herself performing a rendition of The New Radicals “You Get What You Give” at a recent gig in Hollywood only hours after West’s album was released.

“For my fellow survivors who got smacked in the face this week,” she said in the post, quoting the song’s title. I’m in love with you. “Never give up.”

Meanwhile, a sexual assault claim against Manson was re-filed in a US court this month after it was earlier dismissed.